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2022 Press Releases

Asphalt Pavements Now Eligible for Federal Funding to Reduce Carbon - Apr. 21

This morning, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released its Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) Implementation Guidance, unlocking $6.4 billion in formula funding over five years to help states and localities develop carbon reduction strategies.

While the CRP was established in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) of 2021, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), NAPA sought inclusion of paving activities by highlighting asphalt pavement’s many climate-friendly technologies, to help states and localities meet their climate goals. Such efforts included a February letter to Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works Chairman Tom Carper and Ranking Member Shelley Moore Capito requesting support for including the Stabenow and Wicker amendment to add eligibility for “projects using pavement technologies, including designs, materials and practices that reduce carbon emissions.”

Thanks to sustained efforts by NAPA and our transportation construction partners, the CRP guidance makes low-carbon pavement technologies eligible for this important program.

“NAPA worked to bring a coalition of stakeholder groups together to advocate for this,” said NAPA Executive Vice President for Advocacy Jay Hansen. “It opens opportunities for our industry to provide carbon-reduction solutions for the citizens and communities we serve across the country.”

The CRP guidance includes low-carbon asphalt pavements as follows:

Sustainable pavements technologies that reduce embodied carbon during the manufacture and/or construction of highway projects could be eligible for CRP if a lifecycle assessment (LCA) demonstrates substantial reductions in CO2 compared to the implementing Agency’s typical pavement-related practices. The LCA Pave Tool can be used to assess the CO2 impacts of pavement material and design decisions.

What this means:

  • There is a new core highway program in which low-carbon asphalt pavement technologies are now eligible.
  • This is NOT a mandate on state transportation agencies or the industry, but a free-market approach to utilize ready-to-go pavement technologies that reduce carbon emissions.

Detailed information is available directly from FHWA.

The availability of funding for low-carbon pavement technologies supports the asphalt pavement industry’s goal to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, outlined in The Road Forward, which will require working with partners like FHWA and state departments of transportation. NAPA is launching a webinar series, The Road to Zero: Making Sense (and Cents) of Climate Stewardship, beginning with An Introduction to The Road Forward on May 2.

NAPA Statement on 2022 State of the Union Address – Mar. 2

National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) President & CEO Audrey Copeland, Ph.D., P.E., issued the following comment in response to President Joe Biden’s infrastructure statements during his State of the Union Address on March 1, 2022:

"Noting in his State of the Union Address last night that American infrastructure ranks 13th in the world, the President celebrated the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) of 2021 and its historic investment in improving our national infrastructure. Now, we call on Congress to deliver a bipartisan omnibus appropriations bill, releasing BIL's historic funding to states. The skilled and dedicated asphalt pavement industry workforce stands ready to fulfill the President's promise to start fixing more than 65,000 miles of deteriorated highways over the next year. Our expertise is repairing, maintaining, and building the roadways that connect all of us and our shared prosperity. We will succeed by working and innovating together to propel the 'infrastructure decade' and rebuild America."

Asphalt Pavement Industry Unveils Climate Action Plan – Jan. 31

‘The Road Forward’ Is NAPA’s Member-Driven Initiative to Reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

At its Annual Meeting last week, the National Asphalt Pavement Association announced the asphalt pavement industry’s plan to join other industries and sectors around the world in curbing climate change.

The member-driven and expert-defined research and implementation roadmap – The Road Forward: A Vision for Net Zero Carbon Emissions for the Asphalt Pavement Industry – calls on the U.S. asphalt community to advance technologies, products, and processes to achieve Scope 1, 2, and 3 net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The direction set forth in The Road Forward conforms to the basic ideas of the Paris Agreement as well as the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In a rousing presentation that punctuated NAPA’s Annual Meeting – which also included two climate-focused educational workshops and two general sessions on corporate sustainability – NAPA Vice President for Engineering, Research, & Technology J. Richard Willis, Ph.D., unveiled The Road Forward with an inspiring video, mission, and vision.

“This is one mission and one vision for the entire industry to point us where we need to go to proactively lower emissions and accelerate beyond the industry’s past efforts in environmental stewardship and sustainability,” he said.

Crafting a Sustainable Direction

Over the past year, the 21-member Climate Stewardship Task Force studied the issue carefully to craft a direction for the industry. The result is The Road Forward – a mission, vision, and roadmap outlining the direction the industry needs to take over the next two decades in the pursuit of net zero carbon emissions in the production of asphalt pavements. It includes four goals, 19 tactics, and eight research and implementation gaps.

“We as an industry need to take it upon ourselves to be responsible, to make these changes, and, where we can, get help. But we need to take ownership and start today,” urged Willis.

2022 NAPA Chairman of the Board and President of Superior Paving Corp., Jim Mitchell, described this latest initiative as the next in a long series of steps the asphalt pavement industry has undertaken to preserve resources and continue implementing environmentally friendly practices.

“We know that, by embracing our decades-long spirit of innovation, we can and will do more toward sustainability. Asphalt pavement is the number-one recycled material in the country. As an industry, we reused 87 million tons in 2020 alone,” he said. “This plan includes greater use of existing technology such as recycled and warm-mix asphalt, while spurring development and implementation of new technologies to further reduce emissions.”

Multi-Year Initiative Begins with Education

While research gets under way, NAPA is engaging the asphalt community to further educate them on what, to many, is an unfamiliar landscape filled with new concepts and terminology.

“NAPA has a plan and now it’s up to the individual companies to pick up the ball and run with it,” said Ron Sines, PE, Vice President for Asphalt Performance at CRH Americas Materials and Chair of NAPA’s Climate Stewardship Task Force. He added, “The first thing you can do is get educated on this topic – and educate your employees. Before we can move forward as an industry, everyone needs to develop a shared understanding of what net zero is and why we are pursuing it. We only have one planet and we better take care of it.”

To ease the learning curve, NAPA developed Sequestered, a word game and accompanying glossary that help people get comfortable with industry-related climate change terminology. A deep-dive webinar series will launch early this year.

Also early this year, NAPA will publish a report documenting current emissions – a starting point for the industry to understand the depth of this challenge and to begin envisioning the path toward a net zero future. Then, over the next several years, NAPA’s Committee for Asphalt Research and Technology will spearhead new research and the Council for Engineering, Research, and Sustainability will develop best practices that will serve as a framework for member companies.

The Environment Is Everyone’s Responsibility

To make meaningful advancements, The Road Forward includes the entire U.S. asphalt community – from members and suppliers to road owners.

“As a multi-generational, family-owned company, we’re not being pressured by investors and customers to do this. We’re taking the initiative ourselves,” said Dan Gallagher, President of Gallagher Asphalt Corp. and Vice Chair of NAPA’s Climate Stewardship Task Force. “Because when I think about my children and grandchildren, I know this is what we need to do for our families, our communities, our companies, and our industry.”

Best-selling author on megatrends, Andrew Winston, said in his keynote address to NAPA’s Annual Meeting attendees, “This is systems change. You have companies setting goals in all sectors for their suppliers. We cannot get there without each other.”

Willis added, “I encourage everyone to learn the terminology and understand the impacts. Every single person makes a difference in how we move forward.”

Gallagher agreed, “Each of us has a role to play and a responsibility to act now.”

Mapping The Road Forward Online

NAPA has dedicated a section of its website,, to The Road Forward. It is accessible via or by clicking on the Climate tab from any page of NAPA’s website. As new research and events become available, this section will grow to house reference materials, research, best practices, and event information like the aforementioned educational webinar series.

Right now, visitors to will find:

A short inspirational video is available on the site and on YouTube.


The Road Forward was developed by a team of visionaries spanning the U.S. asphalt community, the Climate Stewardship Task Force:


  • Chair: Ron Sines, CRH Americas Materials Inc.
  • Vice-Chair: Dan Gallagher, Gallagher Asphalt Corp.
  • NAPA Staff: Richard Willis & Joseph Shacat


  • Chris Abadie, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Co.
  • Raven Adams, Granite Construction Inc.
  • Andy DeCraene, Ajax Paving of Florida LLC
  • Dan Ganoe, Lindy Paving Inc.
  • Allen Hendricks, Eurovia USA
  • Gerald Huber, The Heritage Group
  • Jay Lemon, Haskell Lemon Construction Co.
  • Jamie Moretz, CWR Contracting Inc., a Construction Partners Inc. Co.
  • Craig Parker, Silver Star Construction Co. Inc.
  • Robert Ponton, Colas Inc.
  • Susan Witt, Gerken Materials Inc.


  • Britt Blacklidge, Blacklidge


  • Bruce Barkevich, New York Construction Materials Association
  • John Hickey, Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon


  • Ben Bowers, Auburn University
  • Adam Hand, Consultant
  • Steve Muench, University of Washington

About The Road Forward

The Road Forward is an initiative of the asphalt pavement industry, with the committed support of NAPA members, staff, and partners, to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. By accepting this challenge, we are choosing to work toward solving tomorrow’s problems today. The multi-year initiative will ensure long-term viability and prosperity of our industry and the diverse communities we serve coast to coast.

Mission: Engage, educate, and empower the U.S. asphalt community to produce and construct net zero carbon emission asphalt pavements.

Vision: Sustainable communities and commerce, connected by net zero carbon emission asphalt pavements

NAPA Announces Winner of Top National Award for Quality in Asphalt Paving – Jan. 26

Eurovia Atlantic Coast, dba Northeast Paving Co. LLC., and Pennsylvania DOT Earn 2021 Sheldon G. Hayes Award

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced today the winner and finalists of the 2021 Sheldon G. Hayes Award for excellence in construction of an asphalt pavement. The award, bestowed annually since 1971, recognizes the country’s highest quality highway pavements.

Eurovia Atlantic Coast, dba Northeast Paving Co. LLC, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation – District 12 were named the winner of the 2021 Sheldon G. Hayes Award for their work on I-70 in Washington, Pa.

Finalists for the award were Seaboard Construction Co. and the Georgia Department of Transportation for I-95 in Camden County; and Shelly & Sands Inc. and the Ohio Department of Transportation District 5 for I-70 in Muskingum County.

The Sheldon G. Hayes Award winner and finalists are determined through a two-year evaluation process. All highway pavement projects using more than 50,000 tons of asphalt are eligible for consideration. Initially, the project must win a Quality in Construction (QIC) Award, which is determined by numerical scores given by an independent pavement engineer on the basis of how well the contractor met specifications and achieved density on the finished pavement. All pavements that meet a benchmark figure earn the QIC Award.

The year after a project wins a QIC Award, it is eligible for consideration for the Sheldon G. Hayes Award. The top-ranked projects from each year are tested for smoothness, and then visually inspected by an independent pavement consultant with many years of experience in the industry. This year, the evaluator praised all the candidates for their high-quality construction practices, which resulted in smooth, safe, and durable pavements.

At NAPA’s 67th Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., the winner and each finalist were presented with an award for their achievement. “The asphalt pavement industry is committed to building quality pavements that deliver high performance and drivability to the public,” said James Winford, NAPA 2021 Chairman.

The award is named for Sheldon G. Hayes, a founder of NAPA and the association’s first chairman. Hayes spent his entire career striving for better construction techniques and improvements in the quality of asphalt pavements.

For more information, contact Kelly Kanaras,

NAPA Announces 2021 Larry H. Lemon Award Winners – Jan. 26

Award Honors 10 Highest-Rated Quality in Construction Award Projects Under 50,000 Tons

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced the winners of its 2021 Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award for excellence in construction of an asphalt pavement utilizing less than 50,000 tons of asphalt. The winning companies received their awards during NAPA’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award recognizes the 10 highest-scoring projects submitted for a Quality in Construction Award in the General Paving (less than 50,000 tons) category.

“The asphalt pavement industry is committed to building high-quality projects that deliver superior performance to the traveling public. All contractors’ projects earning a Quality in Construction award are measured against best practices designed to live up to that commitment,” said 2021 NAPA Chairman James Winford.

The 2021 winners and their projects, arranged alphabetically, are:

  • Barrett Paving Materials Inc. of Middletown, Ohio, for Various Roads in Springboro, Ohio
  • Cadillac Asphalt LLC, A CRH Co., of Farmington Hills, Mich., for Grafton Road in Monroe County
  • Dunn Construction Co. Inc. of Birmingham, Ala. for the I-65 project in Jefferson County
  • Jagoe-Public Co., of Denton, Texas, for FM 1378 in Collin County
  • Payne & Dolan Inc., a Walbec Group Co., of Gladstone, Mich., for M-94 in Marquette County
  • Preferred Materials Inc., A CRH Co. of Tampa, Fla., for 49th Ave. North in Pinellas Park, Fla.
  • Rogers Group Inc., of Columbia, Tenn., for US 64 in Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
  • Shelly & Sands Inc. of Zanesville, Ohio, for SR 682 and SR 691 in Athens County
  • The Shelly Co., A CRH Co., of Thornville, Ohio, for Morgan Run Road in Coshocton, Ohio
  • The Shelly Co., A CRH Co., of Thornville, Ohio, for Winchester Pike in Franklin County

Projects submitted for a Quality in Construction (QIC) Award are evaluated by an independent pavement engineer who assigns each project a numerical score based on how well the

contractor met specifications and achieved density on the finished pavement. All pavements that meet a benchmark figure earn the QIC Award. The Larry H. Lemon Award honors the 10 highest-scoring projects, as determined in the review.

The award is named after Larry Lemon of Haskell Lemon Construction in Oklahoma City. Lemon served faithfully on the NAPA Awards Committee for 18 years, before serving as Chairman of the association’s Board of Directors in 2010 prior to his retirement. Lemon was instrumental in the creation of the rating system for the Quality in Construction Awards, which require qualitative analysis using data and test results to determine the winners.

For more information, contact Michelle Kirk,

NAPA Honors Asphalt Industry Leaders for Operational Excellence – Jan. 26

Awards Program Celebrates Safety Innovations and Community Involvement

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced today the winners and finalists of its 2021 Operational Excellence Awards.

“NAPA members strive for excellence beyond constructing high-quality asphalt pavements. The two categories of the Operational Excellence Awards – Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation and Community Involvement – recognize a company’s commitment to operations that make them good contractors, good industry ambassadors, and good neighbors,” stated NAPA 2021 Chairman James Winford.

The 2021 winners and finalists honored include:

Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation Award Winners:

  • Kokosing Construction Co. Inc. of Fredericktown, Ohio, for Asphalt Cement Loader
  • Superior Paving Corp. of Gainesville, Va., for Portable AEDs

Community Involvement Award Winners:

  • Callanan Cares at Callanan Industries Inc., A CRH Co., of Albany, N.Y., for Callanan Cares
  • Ajax Paving Industries of Florida LLC of North Venice, Fla., for Pave it Forward

The Operational Excellence Awards honor leaders in the asphalt pavement industry for excellence in community outreach with the Community Involvement Award and innovative safety practices with the Asphalt Operations Safety Innovations.

The Operational Excellence Awards are a counterpart to NAPA’s annual Quality in Construction Awards, which recognize asphalt paving jobs completed in line with best practices and standards known to yield high-quality asphalt pavements.

The NAPA Awards Program recognizes and encourages continuous improvement in all aspects of paving and asphalt operations.

For more information about the NAPA Awards program, or to nominate a project or company for an award, visit Or contact Michelle Kirk,

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2020-2021 Press Releases

James (Jim) MitchellNAPA Modernizes Leadership Structure, Welcomes Incoming National Officers, and Realigns Staff to Advance Strategic Initiatives

With a series of steps aimed at modernizing association governance and operations, NAPA is establishing a roadmap for engagement at national and regional levels as the industry works to implement the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

2022–2023 National Officers include Chairman-Elect James (Jim) Mitchell, President of Superior Paving Corp. in Gainesville, Va., pictured at right. Download full-size photo.


NAPA Statement on IIJA Enactment into Law

NAPA President and CEO Audrey Copeland’s comments following President Biden’s signature of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021.


NAPA Applauds U.S. House Passage of IIJA

Asphalt Pavement Industry Ready to Propel American Economy with Improved, Safer Roads


Asphalt Pavement Industry Laments FAST Act Extension, Seeks Predictable Infrastructure Funding

NAPA issues a statement on Congress’ latest temporary extension of the FAST Act.


Asphalt Pavement Industry Calls on Congress to Act on Infrastructure Now

NAPA issues a statement on Congress’ failure to pass the IIJA and instead offer another short-term funding extension.


NAPA Statement on Passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021

NAPA issues a statement on the United States Senate’s passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the nation’s road network will receive a necessary increase of $110 billion over five years, in addition to baseline expenditures. Along with predictable funding for paving projects, the bill advances several of NAPA’s priorities. 


Asphalt Pavement Industry Urges Support for Senate’s Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act of 2021 (STRA21)

NAPA issues a letter to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works urging support and passage of 5-year, $303.5-billion funding for the nation's roads, highways, and bridges.


Report and Case Study Highlight Capabilities of Asphalt Pavements to Improve Transportation Infrastructure Resilience

A new report by Auburn University’s Benjamin Bowers, Ph.D., PE, and Fan Gu, Ph.D., PE, provides the first compendium of information about resilience for the asphalt industry.


Asphalt Pavement Industry Responds to President’s American Jobs Plan

NAPA President and CEO Audrey Copeland, Ph.D., P.E., responds to President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan.


NAPA Announces 2020 Seldon G. Hayes Award Winner and Finalists

NAPA announced that Lindy Paving Inc. and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation were named winners of the 2020 Sheldon G. Hayes Award for constructing the highest-rated highway pavement in 2020.


NAPA Announces 2020 Ray Brown Airport Award Winner

NAPA announced that Gerken Materials Inc. of Napoleon, Ohio has won the 2020 Ray Brown Airport Paving Award.


NAPA Announces 2020 Larry H. Lemon Award Winners

NAPA announced the 2020 Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award winners at its 66th Annual Meeting.


NAPA Announces 2020 Environmental Leadership Award Winners

NAPA announced the 2020 Environmental Leadership Award Winners.


NAPA Announces 2020 Operational Excellence Award Winners & Finalists

NAPA announced the 2020 Operational Excellence Award Winners and Finalists


NAPA Statement on the Confirmation of Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation

NAPA President and CEO Audrey Copeland issued the following statement on the confirmation of former South Bend, Indiana mayor, Pete Buttigieg by the US Senate by a vote of 86-13.


World of Asphalt, NAPA to Present “People, Plants, and Paving Digital Conference” March 9-11, 2021

World of Asphalt, the leading asphalt trade show and conference, has announced its partnership with the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) to hold the first “People, Plants, and Paving Digital Conference” from March 9-11. 


NAPA Communicates Industry Priorities With President-elect Biden and His Transition Team

NAPA letter to President-elect Joseph Biden and his transition team expressing the desire to work with the incoming administration to stabilize the economy, create and sustain jobs in the highway construction industry, and build environmentally friendly, resilient pavements.


Asphalt Industry Evaluates Utilizing Plastics in its Mixtures 

As activists and legislators continue to push for solutions to sustainably divert the plastic waste stream, the asphalt pavement industry is leading and coordinating the effort to evaluate the viability of including plastics in asphalt mixtures.


Asphalt Industry Upholds Stellar Reputation as Top Recyclers

If you took all the newspapers, aluminum and steel cans, glass, and plastic bottles the U.S. recycles annually and put them on a scale, they would still weigh less than three-fourths that of reclaimed asphalt pavements (RAP). 


NAPA Leads “Highways Drive America” Campaign

Investing in our nation’s surface transportation will drive our economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. 


U.S. DOT Revises Hours of Service Rule, Building Off NAPA’s Exemption

The latest changes to Hours of Service (HoS) regulations largely mimic the relief FMCSA granted specifically to the asphalt paving industry through the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s Exemption in 2018.


State Asphalt Pavement Associations Unified in Support of AASHTO’s Request for Highway Funding Relief

State projections show drastic dips in transportation revenue as a result of a 50 percent vehicle traffic decline. Specific impacts include individual state transportation revenue losses as high as 45 percent in the next 18 months.


Highway Funding Essential to Moving America Forward Amid Pandemic

Due to COVID-19’s negative impact on transportation revenues, states are delaying and even canceling projects, making immediate federal highway funding crucial to protecting jobs and maintaining our roadways.