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Emerald Eco-Label EPD Program

NAPA’s Verified EPD Tool

Emerald Eco-Label, NAPA’s verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tool, makes it easy to quantify the environmental impact of an asphalt mix. Created by industry professionals and stakeholders and evaluated by sustainability experts, the Emerald Eco-Label EPD tool was developed in conformance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, which establish principles and procedures for developing a Type III environmental declaration program and describes the potential environmental impacts of a product.

A New Era of Green Construction

The green construction market is increasing its focus on product transparency. As a result, green construction rating systems – such as LEED v4, Greenroads, INVEST, and Envision – are structuring credits that encourage the use of products with life-cycle information communicated through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) or that demonstrate through life-cycle assessment (LCA) a reduced environmental impact. V2.0 of the Emerald Eco-Label EPD tool gives a contractor's customer the ability to earn one point for the EPD LEED credit.

Road owners, agencies, and contractors need to share quantifiable metrics of sustainability and environmental impact with stakeholders. This might be as simple as a benchmark of what they are doing right now, or contractors and road owners might be asked to demonstrate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Emerald Eco-Label can help asphalt producers benchmark their asphalt mixtures to assist their customers in meeting their environmental goals. Requests for EPDs are already starting, and other paving materials already are using EPDs to win projects.

Why Emerald Eco-Label? 

  • Easy to use
  • Cost efficient
  • Assist customers in obtaining green rating system credits
  • Differentiates participating contractors
  • Helps inform bidding decisions
  • An Emerald Eco-Label, NAPA verified EPD is a registered report that provides valuable, verifiable, and comparable information about the environmental performance of products in the asphalt industry.
  • Demonstrates that asphalt is sustainable
  • Demonstrates environmental stewardship
  • Eases corporate sustainability reporting
  • Benchmark your company's energy and water use to identify inefficiencies and improve corporate bottom line
  • Data is secure and confidential
  • Enact improvements at the plant to see cost savings

Registration Process

Applications for the Emerald Eco-Label are submitted online on a third-party, secure site. Click below to learn details on the registration process for the Emerald Eco-Label EPD tool. 


Published EPDs

Click below to search for companies that have created EPDs on one or more asphalt mixes. 


Product Category Rules

Information used in an EPD is based on a life-cycle assessment (LCA) methodology following certain product-specific requirements and boundaries, referred to as Product Category Rules (PCRs). These are the rules a product must follow to develop and publish and EPD in order to create a transparent, credible report.


Program Contact

For questions, please contact:

Kelly Kanaras