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Hey NAPA is an innovative service offering NAPA members and industry stakeholders a faster and more efficient way to access the Association’s valuable content and technical documents on all aspects of asphalt pavements. Read the press release.

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Explore these FAQ to learn more about Hey NAPA.

What is Hey NAPA?

Hey NAPA is a search engine built on ChatGPT-4 by NAPA Associate member XBE, LLC, based on its own Hey Kayla search engine. It allows NAPA members and stakeholders to quickly glean information from NAPA’s vast repository of informational, technical, research, and other documents.

How do I use Hey NAPA?

Visit and click the link or go directly to Enter a question and allow the tool to search its document inventory for relevant responses, which will be composed and displayed in near-real time in your web browser.

Where do Hey NAPA answers come from?

While ChatGPT-4 has access to the vast internet, Hey NAPA primarily sources vetted documents provided by NAPA. Hey NAPA answers are succinct summaries of information from any number of those documents, which are displayed in a list of references with each answer.

Can I trust Hey NAPA answers?

Hey NAPA has been extensively trained on published documents regarding a broad range of asphalt-related topics. While the answers it renders are ‘new,’ they are based on these vetted documents. The answers provided are generally reliable and can be further researched in the references provided with each answer. However, Hey NAPA is not an engineer; technical data and specifications should always be cross-checked with relevant sources, such as your local specifying agency.

What if the answer is incorrect?

If you find a Hey NAPA answer to be incorrect, please report it. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps to improve the quality and accuracy of the service we provide.

If the error is related to the operation or functionality of the tool or a technical error related to asphalt paving, please contact XBE.

If the error is related to the business of asphalt pavement manufacturing and construction or the policies and practices of NAPA, please contact NAPA.

Please provide as much detail as possible about the incorrect answer, including the question you asked and the answer you received, which will help us to investigate and correct the error.

When prompting Hey NAPA, does it have to be in the form of a question?

No. To prompt Hey NAPA, enter text that provides context on the information you seek. Make your instructions as explicit as possible. Your prompt can be as short as a single sentence or as long as a paragraph. You can even experiment with how you prompt Hey NAPA—slight modifications to the prompt can yield variance in the response received.

Can I ask more than one question?

Yes! Ask as many unique questions as you like. Or, have a ‘conversation’ with Hey NAPA. Ask follow-up questions to obtain additional information or to refine the answers you receive. In most cases, Hey NAPA is responsive to your directions and clarifications.

Who can use Hey NAPA?

Hey NAPA is designed for NAPA members and industry stakeholders, such as specifying agencies. However, it is publicly available to anyone.

Does Hey NAPA provide support for languages other than English?

Yes, Hey NAPA is designed to understand prompts and generate responses in multiple languages, including but not limited to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. While the system can understand and respond in these languages, the accuracy and quality may vary based on the complexity of the language and the topic at hand. For the most accurate and comprehensive responses, particularly on specialized subjects related to the asphalt pavement business, it’s recommended to communicate with the system in English.

How can I access the reference documents published with my Hey NAPA response?

Most reference publications are freely available by clicking on the link(s) provided in the references generated with each answer. Those documents—as well as supplemental documents available for additional learning—are also available for download via the NAPA online store.

Are Hey NAPA responses covered by copyright?

The intellectual property rights, including copyright, for the responses generated by Hey NAPA are typically owned by the creators of the AI—in this case, XBE and NAPA. These responses are generated based on a combination of publicly available information, proprietary data, and general knowledge in the field of asphalt paving and the business of asphalt pavement manufacturing and construction. While the specific responses generated by the AI may not be copyrighted, the underlying code, algorithms, and data used to generate the responses are typically protected by intellectual property rights.

If you have specific questions about the use of these responses, please contact XBE or NAPA directly for clarification. As always, if you plan to use or reproduce the content generated by the AI, ensure that you have the necessary permissions to do so.

Can I cite Hey NAPA answers in presentations, publications, research, etc.?

Because Hey NAPA references other source documents to generate answers, we recommend citing the source document(s), not the AI-generated answers.

Why did NAPA partner with XBE on this project?

XBE, a software company providing operations management solutions for the horizontal construction industry, offered its expertise in software development and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable NAPA members greater, easier access to the Association’s vast document library. XBE had already demonstrated expertise in this area by standing up its own AI-based Hey Kayla tool and wanted to build on this concept in service to the Association and industry. Founded in 2016, XBE joined NAPA in 2019 as an Associate member and signed on as a partner of The Road Forward in 2023.

How do I find out more about Hey NAPA?

For asphalt-related technical content, please contact Brett Williams. Please direct all media inquiries to Bill Rowan.