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Pave It Black PODCAST

Pave It Black is the official podcast of the National Asphalt Pavement Association. Hosted by NAPA's Richard Willis and Brett Williams, Pave It Black focuses on the people, issues, and technologies of the asphalt pavement industry, road building, and research and innovation.


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S3: E8 "Efficient Fleet Management"

In the latest episode of Pave It Black, Brett and Richard talk with mike Wills of Granite Construction about trucking and fleet management technology. While fleet management technologies contrinue to grow in utilization by the industry, we look to gain a perspective on how the technologies and help contractors efficiently deliver high-quality asphalt pavements as well as ideas for how the technology may provide opportunities to create additional benefits to and organization. 

Todd Hendricks Jr.

S3: E7 "Robots Help in the Work Zone"

In this special episode of Pave It Black for National Work Zone Awareness week, our season continues to feature technology with a discussion on how robots can be employed to move workers out of higher risk locations and also improve task efficiency. With guest Todd Hendricks Jr. of Pioneer Industrial Systems.

S3: E6 "Going Paperless"

Brett and Richard talk with Dan Ganoe of Lindy Paving about the implementation of e-ticketing and what it takes to move to a paperless world.

Brent Carron

S3: E5 "Temperature, Temperature, Temperature"

Brett and Richard talk with Brent Carron of Valley Paving about thermal profiling. While this tool is not widespread throughout the industry, it is potentially another opportunity for contractors to ensure high quality asphalt pavements.

S3: E4 "Big Data in the Asphalt Industry"

Contractors have access to more data about their companies now more than ever before. But how many of them are using this data effectively? Brett and Richard, along with Dan Ridolfi of Lastrada Partners, explore how data analytics can change the asphalt industry. 

Dan Ridolfi
Katie Peabody

S3: E3 "Innovation = Business Opportunities"

Computing technology has changed over the past 20 years, and it is just going to continue to advance. Brett and Richard talk with Katie Peabody of Lakeside Industries about the opportunities available for construction companies to leverage new programs, communications tools, and streamlined software

S3: E2 "It's Electric"

It is estimated that more than 2 million electric cars are being sold globally each year now. Richard and Brett talk with Dan Gallagher about the impacts vehicle electrification could have not only the asphalt industry but also how it could be impacting the revenue of the Highway Trust Fund.

S3: E1 "What Is Innovation?"

Brett and Richard have a discussion with Nick Webb, the keynote speaker from NAPA’s 2020 Annual Meeting in Maui, about the misconceptions of innovation and the ways to develop an innovative spirit. This conversation sets the stage for future podcasts in season three, which will focus on topics such as e-ticketing, fleet management, plant operations, data management, and more.

S2: E4 “Infrastructure Week 2020”

To mark the beginning of Infrastructure Week 2020, “Pave It Black" hosted special guests Laura Perrotta, President & CEO of the American Highway Users Alliance, and NAPA’s Jay Hansen, Executive Vice President for Advocacy, to break down the inner workings of Capitol Hill and the effects on highway funding. 

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S2: E5 “From Music to Asphalt”

How does one go from a career in music to a career in asphalt? The answer, for Janie Gallagher, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Wirtgen America in Nashville, Tenn., is the asphalt pavement industry’s commitment to sustainability. 

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S2: E6 “The Truth About Leadership in the Construction Industry”

In the wake of the “silver tsunami,” who will lead the next generation of asphalt plants and businesses? 

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S2: E7 “An Intentional Approach to People”

Pat Nelson, President & CEO of Lehman-Roberts Co. in Memphis, Tenn., dives into the details of some very intentional workforce development changes that are happening at his company. 

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S2: E8 “What’s the Deal With Plastic?”

To supplement the release of NAPA’s and the Asphalt Institute’s two new documents on using plastics in asphalt mixtures, we interviewed Paul Lum, Technical Director at Colas Inc. 

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S2: E9 “Asphalt Checks All Boxes for Auto Industry Proving Grounds”

Dan Stys, P.E., of the PEA Group, an integrated site development firm with a specialty in test track design, explains why asphalt is predominantly selected for automotive testing facilities and racetracks. 

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