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Asphalt Pavement magazine, published six times a year, provides the industry with the latest news on asphalt pavement technology and innovations, workforce development, best paving and business practices, member involvement in their communities, and association initiatives.

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The Plastics Conversation

By Richard Willis, Ph.D., P.E. 

When it comes to including plastics in asphalt mixtures, questions lead to more questions. NAPA is championing critical research to help gain clarity on this hot issue that has become part of the greater discussion on climate change and sustainability.


Setting a Course for Women

PHOTO BY: Molly Soltis / ATS

By Molly Soltis and Monica Dutcher

According to the Associated General Contractors of America’s 2020 Construction Outlook Survey, 81 percent of construction firms report difficulty in filling salaried and hourly craft positions. Given that women comprise less than 10 percent of the general construction workforce, and, to be more granular, less than 7,000 workers in the asphalt industry more companies are starting to scout the female demographic to combat workforce shortages.


Quest for the Secret Sauce

By Dr. Richard Willis

The asphalt industry is at a crossroads. Waning are the days of using mathematical calculations to determine theoretical volumetrics such as voids in mineral aggregate and air voids. The era of performance is on the horizon. Industry and owners must balance two diametrically opposed factors: better performance and lower costs. One method many states are turning to for improved performance is polymer modified asphalt (PMA).


PHOTO BY: Amanda Stevenson

Built by Rock Stars, Fit for Rock Stars 

By Monica Dutcher

When you see The Rolling Stones deplaning – even if from only a distance – you know the stakes on an airport project are high. According to John W. Mast, H&K Group Business Development Manager, other noteworthy passersby have included The Eagles, Air Force Two, and hefty Boeing Triple Sevens. Oh, and the airfield’s south apron, which is part of the paving contract, is where Air Force One parks when it’s in town. H&K has certainly felt the pressure as the main contractor on the two-year East Airfield Rehabilitation project at Philadelphia International Airport.


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