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NAPA Resources

Whether you need a tool to complete a pavement design for a design-build project or just need to know when you should have your rollers ready to compact a freshly laid asphalt mat, NAPA has partnered with technology experts to develop tools that can help with critical tasks.


NAPA’s free tools help contractors provide smooth, safe, durable asphalt pavements.

Economic Impact of Rehabilitation

Developed by Auburn University, this Excel workbook quantifies road user, crash mitigation, and local business impact costs to help quantify project-specific costs associated with the rehabilitation of a roadway. Using nationally transferrable data representative of driver behavior this workbook simulates and calculates the economic impact of construction in a community. 


A user-friendly application that calculates the rate of cooling in the mat during construction.


Quantity Calculator

Helps with asphalt material quantity calculations and job site measuring.


A web-based software created to design flexible and rigid pavements using AASHTO 93/98.

Member to Member

The NAPA Member to Member series includes best plant, paving, and safety practices written by NAPA members. These articles are perfect to supplement field training or toolbox talks. 

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Construction quality is crucial to long-term pavement performance. Surface preparation, placement, joint construction, and compaction affect pavement performance. Learn how to construct asphalt pavements with our Quality in Construction series.


Asphalt pavement material is a precisely engineered product composed of about 95 percent stone, sand, and gravel by weight, and about 5 percent asphalt cement. Material selection makes an impact on the durability of asphalt mixtures.


Learn about industry best practices for producing high-quality mixtures.

New Tech Pub: Recycling Agents

NAPA’s latest Quality Improvement Publication (QIP) 131, Practical Guide for Using Recycling Agents in Asphalt Mixtures, provides a tiered set of step-by-step approaches to facilitate the use of recycling agents to produce asphalt pavements with good performance and to promote sustainability. Available in the NAPA Online Store, QIP 131 is free for members and government/academia and $50 for non-members.