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In addition to deploying grassroots campaigns throughout the year, NAPA is part of organizing the Transportation Construction Coalition Fly-In each year to help connect constituents in the asphalt pavement industry with their representatives in Washington D.C. Pictured at left: 2019 NAPA Chairman John Harper with FHWA Administrator Nicole Nason. Pictured at right: 2018 NAPA Chairman Craig Parker speaks at the Highway Materials Group press conference near the steps of the U.S. Capitol. 

Your Voice in the Nation's Capital

Washington, D.C. is a complex legislative playing field that the NAPA Government Affairs team deftly navigates to ensure the asphalt pavement industry's voice is heard on Capitol Hill. We rally the entire industry — including suppliers and equipment manufacturers — to safeguard our place in the transportation construction sector. 


  • Grow highway and airfield investments,
  • Secure funding for asphalt highway and airfield pavement research, 
  • Oppose any pavement design or pavement-type selection mandates, and
  • Ensure proposed agency regulations do not adversely impact industry operations. 

Priorities, Tools, and Action Center

Legislative Priorities

For 2019-2020, NAPA’s top legislative priority is the enactment of a multi-year surface transportation bill to replace the FAST Act, which expires on Sept. 30, 2020. NAPA is seeking a multi-year bill of at least five years with increased investments in highway construction, as well as a sustainable, predictable revenue source to fuel the Highway Trust Fund. 

Regulatory Priorities

NAPA’s top regulatory priority is to respond to proposed regulations to encourage realistic regulations. 

Advocacy Tools

The advocacy tools on this page are designed to support the informed participation of the asphalt pavement industry in engaging with elected officials with common messages on the legislative priorities critically important to NAPA’s members.

Action Center

Learn your elected official and what opportunities you have to advocate for infrastructure-related federal and state legislation. For a mobile-friendly experience, download the VoterVoice app on iTunes and Google Play. Use the keywords “National Asphalt Pavement Association” to find our page.

Advocacy Contacts

Ashley Jackson
Senior Director of Government Affairs

Jay Hansen
Executive Vice President, Advocacy