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Strategic Plan

NAPA 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

On November 14, 2022, the Board of Directors approved a three-year strategic plan, building on the work of the previous strategic plan (see the 2023 Annual Report) and setting forth three Pillars of Success: Leadership, Stewardship, and Member Engagement. Each pillar is supported by strategic objectives, and activated through key initiatives.

PILLARS OF SUCCESS Lead the industry by advancing the national legislative, regulatory, and policy interests of the asphalt pavement industry, serving as trusted experts, and increasing participation in NAPA’s advocacy strategy. Grow the industry by delivering expertise and programs that advance the safe, sustainable, responsible, and resilient production and construction of asphalt pavements and promote excellence. Connect the industry by engaging members in NAPA’S Crucial role advancing the asphalt pavement industry and convening the industry to address top issues.



Foster increased federal investment in surface transportation, infrastructure, in collaboration with other organizations, and grow investment in asphalt pavement-related research and implementation.

Advocate for and achieve fair, competitive, and science-based legislation and policies (regulations, rulemakings, and national standards and specifications) impacting asphalt pavement companies.

Be the trusted organization with expertise in the national issues impacting the asphalt pavement industry, identify opportunities for the industry and members working alongside decision makers and stakeholders, and provide support for state issues.

Champion the advantages of asphalt pavements through the lenses of engineering, economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Shepherd the industry’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions pavement through deployment of The Road Forward plan and administration of the Emerald Eco-Label Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) program.

Demonstrate value and excellence by recognizing high-quality pavements, outstanding operational and sustainable practices, and contributions of NAPA members and individuals to the industry.

Engage and grow membership by clearly articulating NAPA’s value and efforts through effective branding and communications and furthering the engagement goals of the national Advisory Council, represented by regions.

Facilitate member advancement, through strong collaboration, especially with State Asphalt Pavement Associations, and knowledge sharing by convening the industry.

Improve and streamline association governance and operations including a refined, focused committee structure and a sustainable dues structure.