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Political Advocacy Membership

To join NAPA's Political Advocacy Member Council:

  1. Read and understand the requirements below.
  2. Complete the application form.

NAPA's Board of Directors approved a new individual membership category – Poltical Advocacy Membership – in November 2022, aimed at strengthening NAPA’s advocacy activities and making it easier for employees of NAPA member companies to be involved in NAPA’s legislative activities.

NAPA Political Advocacy Membership is available to any individual who is a full-time employee of a Producer or Associate member and willing to participate in the newly established Political Advocacy Member Council.

Privileges include participation in all regularly scheduled meetings of the association and voting for Chair (2-year term) and Vice Chair of the Political Advocacy Member Council. The Chair will sit on NAPA’s Board of Directors.

Political Advocacy Members assist with NAPA's government affairs and advocacy engagement efforts, and are responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding NAPA’s legislative and regulatory priorities, and its candidate support activities, in consultation with relevant officers, employees, and committees of the Association.

Dues requirements and amounts are set by NAPA's Board of Directors. Current dues are set at $0.

Questions about this membership or the application form? Contact Nile Elam.

NAPA supports the operation of the National Asphalt Pavement Association Political Action Committee (NAPA-PAC), as authorized by and in accordance with federal law. Participation in NAPA-PAC is limited to certain employees of NAPA who hold administrative, executive, or managerial responsibilities, certain officers and employees of NAPA’s corporate members, and individual members of NAPA. NAPA-PAC funds are used to make contributions to candidates for federal office. Individuals desiring additional information about their eligibility to contribute to NAPA-PAC or about the activities of NAPA-PAC may contact Nile Elam.