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Software Solutions

Emerald Eco-Label EPD Generator

The Emerald Eco-Label software allows asphalt mix producers to develop and publish verified mix-specific, plant-specific EPDs for asphalt mixtures produced in the United States. The web-based software is hosted on a third-party, secure website. The software was developed for Google Chrome but should work on most web browsers.

Number of EPDs: The per-plant fee covers the initial development and future revisions for an unlimited number of EPDs produced by the asphalt plant. Each plant-produced asphalt mix design or job-mix formula should have its own EPD.

Duration: The software license is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase and includes future software updates.*


The period of validity for all asphalt mixture EPDs is tied to the PCR for Asphalt Mixtures. Version 2 of the PCR took effect on April 1, 2022 and will expire on March 31, 2027. EPDs generated by Version 2 of the software will expire on March 31, 2027. After that date, users will have to update their data inputs to comply with applicable requirements in Version 3 of the software. Users will be automatically updated to Version 3 of the software when it is released. Users will be able to continue developing new EPDs and revising existing EPDs until their software license expires. Any published EPDs under Version 3 will continue to be valid until Version 3 of the PCR for Asphalt Mixtures expires. However, software access to develop new EPDs and revise existing EPDs will terminate with the software license, unless the license is renewed.


NAPA Member: $3000 per plant

Non-Member: $6000 per plant

License duration: 5 years

NAPA's Board of Directors approved a change to Emerald Eco-Label licensing at the 2024 Annual Meeting. Licenses will no longer be pro-rated, but will run for 5 years, regardless of the start date, PCR version, or software updates.

Software updates are generally pushed out to all users automatically at no additional charge. Software updates may include bug fixes, updates to upstream datasets, new features, and necessary updates to comply with revisions to underlying standards, such as the PCR for Asphalt Mixtures. NAPA reserves the right to charge a fee for software updates that add significant new functionality to the software.

Emerald Eco-Label Optimizer

The Optimizer takes the Emerald Eco-Label software to the next level. Designed specifically for the asphalt mix production industry, the Optimizer allows companies to analyze and optimize their plant operations, mix designs, and material transportation logistics to reduce the global warming potential (GWP) and other environmental impacts. With just a few clicks, users can easily see the financial impacts of management decisions such as switching fuels and reducing aggregate moisture content, providing an economic lens into the sustainability of operational improvements. Other features include:

  • See a graphical view of unit processes to easily identify hot spots.
  • Develop plant variants to explore the benefits of operational improvements such as energy efficiency upgrades or track your plant’s performance over time.
  • Easily compare two of your own mixes from different plants or different variants of one plant.

The Optimizer is included with each Emerald Eco-Label EPD Generator software license at no additional charge.

Emerald Eco-Label Simulator

Designed for research and education, the Simulator provides a simple web-based software platform for agencies, academics, and others to understand how mix designs, transportation logistics, and plant operations affect GWP and other environmental impact indicators that are reported in an EPD for asphalt mixtures. The Simulator runs on the same LCA engine as the Emerald Eco-Label EPD Generator, ensuring consistency with EPD results.

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