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Paul Albrecht, CSP–Barriere Construction Co., LLC

Acott/Wilson Scholarship

Named to honor the contributions of former NAPA President Michael Acott and former NAPA Board Chairman Peter Wilson and his family, the Acott/Wilson Scholarship aims to support qualified students attending two-year engineering or technical schools. The deadline for 2024 applications is Nov. 30.

Access application instructions and requirements here. 

Apply now! 

Established in 2019 through contributions from Bob and Ellen Thompson, the scholarship program is managed by NAPAREF, which evaluates applications each calendar year. Questions? Contact Dave Lucas. 

Road Scholars Program

Inspire students. Support excellence in teaching. Develop future employees.

Donate to the NAPAREF Road Scholars program at NCAT to support graduate students and fund the future.


NAPA Research and Education Foundation Scholarship Program

Initiated in 1994, the NAPA Research and Education Foundation (NAPAREF) Scholarship Program helps ensure the success of the asphalt pavement industry through the education of tomorrow’s industry leaders.


Your contribution will be a catalyst that makes the future a reality. Contributions to the NAPAREF Scholarship Program provide:

  • An incentive for engineering students to select courses in asphalt technology
  • A workforce with training in asphalt technology
  • An incentive for colleges and universities to offer training in asphalt technology





Who Is Eligible?

The scholarship program provides funding for undergraduate or graduate students who are U.S. citizens enrolled in a full-time civil engineering, construction management, or construction engineering curriculum at an accredited four-year college or university or two-year technical institution. One can re-apply for a scholarship as long as they meet the satisfactory academic performance and continued eligibility for the program. 


Participants in the NAPAREF Scholarship Program are selected utilizing standard recipient selection procedures developed by a leading scholarship management firm. Selection criteria include:

  • Past academic performance and future potential,
  • Leadership and participation in school and community activities,
  • Work experience,
  • Statement of career and educational aspirations and goals,
  • Unusual personal or family circumstances, and
  • An outside appraisal

Many State Asphalt Pavement Associations (SAPAs) have funded their scholarship programs through the NAPAREF Scholarship Program. The SAPAs work with their state colleges and universities to select the recipients. NAPAREF administers the scholarship program and processes the scholarship awards.


The NAPAREF Board of Trustees utilizes the services of a professional investment firm oversee investment of the contributed funds.  Auditing procedures are in place to ensure the system’s integrity. Funding is achieved through the contributions of individuals, corporations, and organizations. The amount of the annual award will be 5 percent of the scholarship’s fair market value on December 31. Depending on market conditions, percentage amount can change. The NAPAREF Scholarship Program’s current fair market value is 3.7 million with 51 active scholarships in several states.

If a donor chooses, they may direct fund (give additional money) toward a particular scholarship to be used the year it is given. This direct funding money shall not be invested with the professional investment firm.

All contributions to the program are tax deductible as determined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Restricting & Other Considerations

Donors can elect to restrict their scholarship to:

  • Students attending a stated college(s), university(ies), or technical school(s)
  • Students living in a named state(s)
  • Students having a minimum GPA

Naming a Scholarship

“Named” scholarships can immortalize a parent, family member, company founder, friend, associate, company, or even the donor. An advantage of a “named” scholarship is that preference can be given to students attending designated institutions or who are from states as designated by the donor. Funding for a named scholarship can come from more than one donor. Donations to the NAPAREF Scholarship Program can be made in any amount.