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Road Scholars

Getting to Our Goal

GOAL: $3 Million



As of July 17, 2024

One outstanding product of NCAT is its graduate students, who are now scattered in all sectors of industry across the U.S. and abroad. They enter the workforce with an outstanding
education, ready to tackle issues in the real world of designing, building and maintaining our pavement infrastructure.

The advantages of graduate studies in pavement engineering at Auburn include working on the NCAT Test Track, the world’s only full-scale, highspeed testing facility, as well as cutting-edge laboratory facilities. With 9 pavements engineering faculty members and 11 additional highly qualified NCAT research engineers on staff, each graduate student interacts daily with a phenomenal team of experts who love sharing their knowledge.

Support NAPAREF Road Scholars

We invite you to partner with us in support of the NAPAREF Road Scholars program. Your participation inspires students, exemplifying the ways in which corporations are dedicated to excellence in teaching and research in the asphalt and roadway industry.

While your monetary support is truly transformational, you also provide graduate students the prestige of a named fellowship associated with a leading organization in the industry. NAPA’s named fellowship for students at NCAT not only brings prestige to the recipients, but also to NAPA as a representation of the company’s leadership in the industry.

Your partnership provides:

  • Visibility for your dedication to providing graduate students with support
  • Access to some of the nation’s top students in the asphalt and roadway fields
  • Opportunities to inform and connect with students

Disclosure: At least quarterly, NAPAREF will remit the total cash received in support of NAPA Road Scholars, exclusive of any earnings during the period held by NAPAREF, to Auburn University Foundation (the Foundation) to establish an endowment. The endowment will be held in perpetuity by the Foundation and invested, maintained, administered, and distributed in accordance with Foundation policies and applicable Alabama laws. More information regarding the Foundation’s Endowment Fund Policies, including its Endowment Spending Policy, can be found at

Established in 1986 as a partnership between NAPAREF and Auburn University, NCAT’s mission is to provide innovative, relevant and implementable research, technology development and education that advances safe, durable and sustainable asphalt pavements. NCAT’s steady growth over the past three decades has been marked by milestone achievements that
have advanced asphalt technologies to design and build longer-lasting pavements, as well as a consistent effort to disseminate research findings and best practices throughout the industry.

“Now is a great time to be a civil engineer and more specifically, a pavements engineer. There is a high demand for jobs and opportunities abound to make a difference in asphalt pavement sustainability, resiliency and cost-effectiveness. We are now actively recruiting new graduate students to our program. The Road Scholars program will make a huge difference to graduate students who are making an educational investment and contributing to the research at NCAT.” — Randy West, NCAT Director

Support NCAT Scholars

Make an instant donation online now via credit card, up to $15,000.

Or, pledge your support in any amount, up to $100,000+, and choose to spread payments over 1 to 5 years. You will receive an invoice in accordance with your pledged amount and timeframe.

Learn More

Download the flyer to learn more about the program, how your donations support NCAT students, and recommended giving levels.

Thanks to the Many Road Scholars Supporters

Road Scholar Pioneer ($100,000+)

Astec, Colas, CPI, CRH, Ergon, Granite/Lehman-Roberts, Heritage, Mathy, Payne+Dolan, Superior/Mitchell Family Foundation, Vulcan, Warren, Weiler

Pavement Partner ($50,000)

Ajax, Allan Myers, Knife River, Legacy Infrastructure Group, Norris Asphalt Paving Co., Wirtgen

Asphalt Excellence Ambassador ($25,000)

All States Materials, Barnhill, Blacklidge, C.R. Jackson, C.W. Matthews, Duininck, Gallagher Asphalt, The Gerken Companies, Lakeside Industries, Tim & Laura McCartney, O&G Industries, Oxford, Prairie Contractors, Scotty's Contracting + Stone

Asphalt Ally ($10,000)

Antigo, BOMAG, Dynapac, Herman Grant, Kenco Engineering, Illinois APA, Marshall & Robin Klinefelter, Louisiana APA, National Asphalt, Ron & Melinda Sines

Asphalt Research Friend ($5,000)

Caterpillar, Audrey Copeland, Keystone Engineering, George Reed, Ergon, MAPA REF, Silver Star, Tomasso Family, Randy West, Winford Family, NB West Contracting

Other (Less than $5,000)

Connecticut Asphalt & Aggregate Producers Association

Rob Kuehborn