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Producer and Associate Members are invited to lend financial support to this initiative to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to climate stewardship
  • Help pave the way for the industry to accomplish climate goals
  • Receive recognition here and in our published work
  • Build awareness for your environmental solutions and activities
  • Be recognized by owners and decision makers as leading and supporting environmental innovation

NAPA thanks the following 2022 Funding Partners for their generous support of The Road Forward.

Look for additional opportunities to partner in this important work in Spring 2023!

Profiles in Sustainability

Learn more from select partners about their commitment to sustainability and The Road Forward.

Cargill Asphalt Solutions


Surface Tech

The Road Forward: 2022 Sponsor Package

2022 sponsorships are now closed. We will reopen the opportunity to contribute to this important work following our 2023 Annual Meeting.


The following standard sponsorship package is available to any NAPA member company for $10,000. The initial sponsorship is valid from the date payment is received in full through the conclusion of NAPA’s 2023 Annual Meeting (February 5-8, 2023, in Miami). The sponsorship package and benefits are renewable and amendable on an annual basis (commencing with NAPA’s Annual Meeting).

Sponsor Expectations

The sponsor will demonstrate their commitment to climate stewardship, help pave the way for the industry to accomplish its climate goals, and build awareness for environmental solutions and activities.

The sponsor is invited to attend open committee meetings, apply for open committee/leadership positions, propose educational sessions/webinars/events, suggest research opportunities or articles, etc. Sponsorship provides no guarantee of acceptance.

2022 sponsors will be invited to an exclusive roundtable at the 2023 Annual Meeting, to help establish engagement criteria, research ideas, and other programmatic aspects to achieve the vision set forth in The Road Forward as well as to activate sponsor participation and volunteer contributions. Participation in the roundtable and ongoing engagement is desired of all sponsors, but not required of any sponsor.

Sponsor Benefits

In addition to supporting and being associated with this industrywide climate initiative, the sponsor will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Sponsor will be recognized, at every relevant opportunity and subject to availability, as follows:
    • On The Road Forward website, to include a logo and link to the sponsor’s designated website
    • In The Road Forward outputs (e.g., print or digital publications), limited to logo placement only
    • In NAPA’s outreach regarding The Road Forward, including but not limited to communications, presentations, social media, press releases, and events, which may include logo placement, oral or written acknowledgement, etc.
  • Subject to guidelines provided by NAPA, sponsor may use The Road Forward logo, indicating their participation in the program, in sponsor’s materials, presentations, and website.
  • Sponsor will be invited to participate in research, reports, and other inputs/outputs to inform and advance our progress toward The Road Forward’s goals. Participation is not guaranteed and will be based on factors including but not limited to relevance and available opportunities.

In appreciation of your sponsorship, NAPA will:

  • Recognize the sponsor in a press release, which the sponsor will have an opportunity to review.
  • Upon request, provide a press release template the sponsor may also use to announce the sponsorship.
  • Provide 2 complimentary, non-transferable registrations to our 2023 Annual Meeting. All other expenses (spouse/guest registration, transportation, travel, etc.) are the responsibility of the sponsor or sponsor’s attendee.
    • September Special: Newly signed sponsors who activate as part of the September Special will receive a 3rd complimentary, non-transferable registration to NAPA’s 2023 Annual Meeting. Commitments must be made by September 30, 2022, and payment must be received in full by October 31, 2022.
  • Upon request, provide up to 10 hard copies, upon request, of Andrew Winston’s book, Net Positive, which was featured in the rollout of The Road Forward at our 2022 Annual Meeting.

Optional Sponsor Add-ons

Sponsor may choose from the following menu of add-ons or request other opportunities, subject to review and availability.

  • A dedicated sponsor profile page on The Road Forward website, which may include limited photo/video content, product descriptions, articles, and/or contact information. Content is limited to that which can reasonably be hosted and maintained on NAPA’s website and is therefore subject to NAPA review. Investment: $2,500
    • Sponsors who commit to 2 years ($20,000 investment) will receive the profile page at no charge.
  • Co-branded activities. Investment: TBD


No sponsor privileges will be extended until all parties have signed this agreement and payment in full is received.

While it is our expectation that this program and partnership will benefit the association, the sponsor, and the industry, we recognize that circumstances change. Therefore, NAPA reserves the right to alter or revoke sponsorship or sponsorship privileges, with or without refund, if program changes, or if the sponsor is found not to be acting in good faith.


  • Sponsorships are renewable on an annual basis.
  • Any change that impacts sponsor’s investment, expectations, benefits, or terms will be subject to agreement by NAPA and sponsor prior to renewal.
  • Sponsorships terminate/renew at the conclusion of the NAPA Annual Meeting.
  • While sponsors may sign on at any time during the calendar year, the rate will not be prorated.