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Industry Goals

We believe that, over the next several decades, reducing carbon emissions will be the industry’s foremost imperative, persisting even amid changing political or economic situations. These 4 goals and related tactics represent how the asphalt pavement industry is taking action now.

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A New Challenge

The nation has united to achieve the seemingly unattainable before – and succeeded. This century, we’re undertaking a new challenge – to halt climate change. Watch this short video to learn why you should accept the challenge and join us in this endeavor.

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Be Part of the Solution

Collaboration and cooperation breed success. Corporate support will pave the way toward innovation and implementation of net zero carbon emissions solutions. Become an example and a visionary partner in the asphalt pavement industry’s efforts to spur change, create new business opportunities, and protect the environment.

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Learn the Lingo

Tackling a new subject, especially one like climate change, can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve created a fun word-guessing game, Sequestered, that you can play with friends, family, and colleagues! Tap into our glossary to familiarize yourself with new terms and ace the competition.

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We gratefully acknowledge the eagerness and dedication of the Climate Stewardship Task Force, charged with developing objectives for the industry related to sustainability and resilience, along with a communications strategy and a research and implementation roadmap to advance the industry toward those objectives. Thank you.

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Engage, educate, and empower the U.S. asphalt community to produce and construct net zero carbon emission asphalt pavements.


Sustainable communities and commerce, connected by net zero carbon emission asphalt pavements.