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Performance Test Resources

Each test is summarized in a one-page table format that includes a brief description of the test procedure, test results, equipment and cost, specimen fabrication, testing time, data analysis complexity, test variability, field validation, and overall practicality for mix design and quality assurance (QA). In addition, key references are provided for each test for readers interested in seeking further information. Information categories based on subjective assessment include data analysis complexity, test variability, overall practicality for mix design and QA, and field validation.  

Asphalt Pavement Analyzer
Cantabro Test
Direct Tension Cyclic Fatigue Test
Disc-Shaped Compact Tension Test
Flexural Bending Beam Fatigue
Flow Number Test
Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Test
High Temperature Indirect Tension (HT-IDT)
IDT Creep Compliance and Strength Test
Illinois Flexibility Index Test (I-FIT)
Indirect Tensile Asphalt cracking Test (IDEAL-CT)
Nflex Factor
Overlay Test
Rapid Shear Rutting Test (IDEAL-RT)
Semi-Circular Bend Test (Louisiana method)
Stress Sweep Rutting (SSR)
Tensile Strength Ratio

The National Asphalt Pavement Association would like to acknowledge and thank the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) for providing links to video content developed for project 9-57A.