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Showcasing the Industry's Impact

NAPA and the Asphalt Pavement Alliance create many engaging videos to showcase the benefits of asphalt pavements. Fun and engaging, these videos educate road owners and the public about highway funding, safety, and engineering. 

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NAPA has a wealth of high-quality videos available to showcase the benefits of asphalt and working in the asphalt pavement industry. Follow us on YouTube! 

The Road Forward: NAPA’s Climate Mission

The nation has united to achieve the seemingly unattainable before – and succeeded. This century, we’re undertaking a new challenge – to halt climate change. Watch this short video to learn why you should accept the challenge and join us in this endeavor. For more information, visit

Highways Drive America

The Highways Drive America campaign raises awareness of the need for highway construction and maintenance funding among key legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill. The campaign reminds us that highways are not just how we’ll get back to work and school, but also how we’ll create new jobs across multiple industries.

Plastics in Asphalt

Roadways are the arteries of America, connecting people to family, friends, and products. Recently, people have suggested that one solution to our nation’s abundance of plastic waste is to incorporate it into our roadways. As the most recycled product by volume, the idea of incorporating plastics into asphalt pavements may have validity. So researchers are leading groundbreaking efforts to ensure the use of plastics can be done safely with no impact on the pavement’s service life.

The Place to Be

When Americans head out on the road, what they care most about is enjoying a smooth, high-performance driving experience. With asphalt, drivers enjoy a superior level of drivability. To find out more, visit