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Watch For Us

In 2021, 956 lives were lost in roadway work zones. Crew members use a variety of warning systems and barriers to keep drivers separated from roadside workers, but it takes just one moment of distraction for a work zone intrusion to lead to a crash that changes lives forever.


The toolkit contains guidance for sharing work zone safety messaging with your community, including suggested sample media posts suggested for pairing with the graphics and logos below.

Show us how you 'Go Orange'

Send NAPA your Watch For Us photos! Photos may be used in future work zone safety messaging and Watch For Us marketing materials. 

National Work Zone Awareness Week

"Work zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever.” 

​In 2021, 956 people were killed in work zone crashes, according to the most recent data available from ​

The American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) maintains the annual efforts around National Work Zone Awareness Week each spring at the beginning of road construction season.

Nationwide events in 2024 include:
Monday, April 15 - Work Zone Safety Training Day
Tuesday, April 16 - Kickoff Event hosted by Maryland DOT
Wednesday, April 17 - Go Orange Day
Thursday, April 18 - Social Media Storm
Friday, April 19 - Moment of Silence

"What many fail to recognize is the vast majority of people killed in work zone crashes are motorists and their passengers." the ATSSA writes. "In 2021, 778 drivers and their passengers died in work zones, making it all the more important for drivers to slow down and stay focused while approaching and passing through a roadway work zone."

Launched in 2018, NAPA’S Watch For Us campaign began through efforts to educate the public on the dangers of distracted driving in roadway work zones. Over the years, NAPA has worked to connect the movement with partners across the road construction industry. Each year, the campaign is run in conjunction with National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) which in 2024 will be held April 15-19.

NAPA members are encouraged to combine Watch For Us guidance with resources within NAPA's CrewSafety: Work Zone Training and The Roadway Safety Awareness Program to raise public awareness of the need for drivers to be alert in paving work zones.

Download the Watch For Us logo for usage in your social media & in-house graphics. Click the link, then right-click and "Save As."

Download high resolution rectangle image.

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Use any of the below graphics in your public-facing work zone safety messaging during NWZAW and every Wednesday of the year. Click the link, then right-click and "Save As."

Watch For Us Videos for Sharing

Share any of the following videos as part of your Watch For Us messaging. Guidance and sample media posts to pair with these videos can be found in the toolkit.


In 2018, NAPA recorded real-world stories about work zone safety and how a moment can change lives. The video playlist below contains of narratives and testimonials making the case that work zone safety is everyone's responsibility. Please share on your social media networks to inform your community about how one moment can save a life. Guidance and sample media posts to pair with these videos can be found in the toolkit.

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CREW SAFETY: Work Zone Training

NAPA's CrewSafety training programs help employees recognize unsafe work zone situations and understand how they can proactively ensure their safety.

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