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Request for Proposals

NAPA seeks contractors for all open Requests for Proposals (RPF). Please click the linked file (PDF) to view the details and deadlines of a specific project. To submit an RFP, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page OR follow the instructions identified within the RFP.

P-401 Mixtures: Aggregate Gradation Bands

As the evolution of asphalt mixture design continues to advance, the opportunity to engineer asphalt mixtures to meet facility demands is paramount. Ensuring the gradation band requirements are allowing asphalt mix designers to produce the best performing, most economical, and lowest carbon footprint solutions will safeguard airfield pavements into the future. 

The objectives and available funding are:

  • $1,000,000 — Establish recommended gradation band requirements for Gradation 1, Gradation 2, and Gradation 3 FAA mixtures accounting for laboratory mixture performance modes of rutting, top-down cracking, low-temperature cracking, and moisture susceptibility.

Proposals are due October 21, 2022.

Download the RFP for complete details and instructions.

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