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Request for Proposals

NAPA is currently seeking contractors for all open Requests for Proposals (RPF). To view the details and deadlines of each project, please click on the projects below. If you wish to submit an RFP, you may contact us using the form at the bottom of this page or by the instructions identified within the RFP.

Balanced Mix Design - Rutting

Evaluation of Balanced Mix Design for airfield pavements will be undertaken in two separate contracts. The first of two Balanced Mix Design projects will focus on harmonizing the rutting requirements in the current FAA specifications.

Submission Deadline Closed


Balanced Mix Design - Cracking 

The second Balanced Mix Design project explores which cracking tests should be considered for airfield evaluation. In coordination with the rutting project, the framework and draft specifications for a Balanced Mix Design process for airfield pavements will be achieved. 

Submission Deadline Closed

Asphalt Mixtures Paving Handbook – 2022 Revision

In 2000, the Transportation Research Board updated the Hot-Mix Asphalt Paving Handbook. In the decades since its publication, new technology has become available which can aid in ensuring high quality asphalt pavements are constructed for highways or airfields. The book revision will include the latest technologies and best practices for highway and airfield paving. 

Submission Deadline Closed

Binder Grade Selection

To aid engineers in selecting the proper binder for asphalt mixtures at airfields, this project will develop guidance and an app which simplifies the decision making process to ensure that individual project requirements are in compliance with current airfield specifications. 

Notice of Error: May 19, 2021 - Section I Background. Statement, "United Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) 32 12 16.16 Road-Mix Asphalt Paving also provides guidance for work conducted for the Department of Defense." has been changed to, "United Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) 32 12 15.13 Asphalt Paving for Airfields and 32 12 17.19 Fuel Resistant Asphalt Paving for Airfields also provides guidance for work conducted for the Department of Defense."

Submission Deadline Closed

Submit Your Proposal Today

You may submit your proposal by providing the information below. Please be sure to include the RE: Submission Title listed in the RFP. We accept Adobe PDF files up to 16MB.