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The Cooperative Agreement effort between NAPA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advances multiple focus areas involving asphalt pavements and associated asphalt materials. The focus of this effort is not on inventing the next "big thing," but rather in advancing 21st-century solutions for asphalt pavement design, construction, and materials deemed important to airfield reliability, efficiency, and safety with the overarching goal to keep America moving forward.

This Program includes developing and coordinating implementation plans; developing and conducting webinars, training, workshops, and conferences for the FAA; preparing new or updating existing written technical publications, compilations of findings, and presentation materials; and supporting stakeholder engagement. The program may include research needed to adapt technology for use in airport asphalt pavement mixtures or pavement applications. This effort will leverage the unique technology implementation capabilities of NAPA with assistance of the FAA and industry, to advance deployment and adoption of innovative asphalt material technologies.

Guidance for Asphalt Binder Grade Selection at Airfields

JUNE 19, 12:00-1:30 PM EASTERN TIME

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Selecting the correct asphalt binder grade for an airfield is critical to ensure it performs adequately. In an effort to simplify the process of correctly choosing the correct binder grade for different applications at airports and airfields, the Airport Asphalt Pavement Technology Program (AAPTP) commissioned a project to develop additional guidance on binder grade selection and the development of a tool to aid practitioners. This webinar presents the guidance and launches the Airfield Asphalt Binder Selection Tool.


  • Become familiar with AAPTP’s airfield binder selection guidance
  • Understand the differences between choosing asphalt binder grades for the FAA and Department of Defense airfields
  • Experience the new AAPTP tool to aid practitioners in selecting the proper grade of asphalt binder for airfields


  • Raquel Moraes, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, NCAT
  • Ben Ciavola, PhD, Director of LCA Technology, WAP Sustainability
  • Richard Willis, PhD, Vice President, Engineering, Research, & Technology, NAPA

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J. Richard Willis, PhD
Vice President, Engineering, Research, & Technology