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FHWA has released a TechBrief providing an overview of the benefits, limitations and applications of porous asphalt pavements with stone reservoirs, as well as considerations for design, construction, and maintenance. Click here to download a copy. NAPA has produced a helpful brochure on porous asphalt pavements. You can download it for free here. Printed copies are also available. To order, click here.
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NAPA's Porous Asphalt Pavements for Stormwater Management (IS-131) provides an overview of the design, construction, and maintenance of porous asphalt pavements. Both the history of the technology and examples of large-scale projects, including innovative uses of porous pavements, are discussed. Topics covered include water quality, soil investigation, hydrologic design, materials, construction, cost, and maintenance. Throughout the 24-page publication, full-color photographs and illustrations clearly show the techniques and principles being explained. To order, click here. NAPA's Structural Design Guidelines for Porous Asphalt Pavements (IS-140) provides guidelines for the use of AASTHO 93 Design Guide methodology when determining structural thicknesses for full-depth porous asphalt pavements. The book includes guidance on determining structural design input values, calculating minimum layer thicknesses, and limits on effective structural thickness. Design examples are included for full-depth porous asphalt pavement systems with and without an asphalt-treated permeable base, as well as a catalogue of required layer thicknesses for different traffic levels. To order, click here.
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NAPA's Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Open-Graded Asphalt Friction Courses (IS-115) includes discussion of open-graded mix designs appropriate for porous asphalt pavements. To order, click here.