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Sustainability Report

The National Asphalt Pavement Association has introduced two new publications, a sustainability report and a companion brochure. In announcing the new publications, NAPA President Mike Acott commented, “For decades, the asphalt pavement industry has been proactive in reducing the impact of its operations on the environment. The new report discusses some of the products we have developed – warm-mix asphalt, reuse/recycling, porous asphalt, and Perpetual Pavements – and shows how an accelerated deployment program could lead to even greater achievements.”

Sustainability Report

sr-200_thumb.jpgThe sustainability report, the first ever of its kind for the asphalt industry, is entitled Black and Green: Sustainable Asphalt, Now and Tomorrow. It highlights the ways in which the asphalt industry’s everyday practices address climate change, improve air quality and water quality, provide green jobs, and reduce the carbon footprint of pavements. This 12-page report can be downloaded here.

While environmental sustainability is the chief focus of the report, economic and social sustainability are also touched on. For example, the fact that asphalt is America’s most reused and recycled material has obvious environmental benefits such as conserving natural resources and reducing the need to acquire raw materials. Economic benefits of reuse/recycling include reducing the cost of roads to taxpayers. Combined with Perpetual Pavements, reuse/recycling contributes to social sustainability by allowing for roads to remain in service while they are being rehabilitated. This reduces congestion, improving quality of life by saving time. Reducing congestion also has the environmental benefit of cutting down on excess emissions that might have been generated by vehicles sitting in traffic.

Benefits of Asphalt Brochure

ps-35thumb.jpgThe companion brochure, Benefits of Asphalt, is designed as a trade show giveaway or as a leave-behind for meetings with important customers. The attractive tri-fold brochure gives a bulleted summary of both environmental and performance advantages of asphalt. The look of the brochure is keyed to the look of the sustainability report, making the two pieces complementary.

Printed copies of Benefits of Asphalt (order number PS-35) brochures are available in bundles of 25 for $12.50. The sustainability report Black and Green: Sustainable Asphalt, Now and Tomorrow (publication number SR-200) is a free download. Orders for the brochure may be placed through NAPA’s online store at www.asphaltpavement.org, by calling toll-free at 888-600-4474, or by fax at 412-741-0609 or by email to napa-orders@abdintl.com. NAPA is located at 5100 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706-4407.

pdf Download Sustainability Report  Black and Green: Sustainable Asphalt, Now and Tomorrow
pdf Download Brochure Benefits of Asphalt
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