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NAPA Talks Webinar Series

NAPA Talks Webinar SeriesJoin us for informative web discussions about important issues facing the industry.

Sustainability 101: The What, Why, and How of Sustainability for the Asphalt Industry


The transportation construction industry is facing an ever-growing demand from lawmakers, the public, and other stakeholders to respond to issues such as natural resource depletion, carbon emissions, increasing energy costs, water availability, and climate change. As a result, many regulatory agencies, businesses, and organizations are embracing principles of sustainability; these principles are reflected in their visions, missions, and policies. To meet the needs of these customers, it is imperative that the asphalt industry adopt sustainable practices in their daily operations.


This webinar will provide an introduction to sustainability and what it means for the Asphalt Industry. Areas to be covered include:


• What: The Three Pillars of Sustainability
• Why: The Benefits of Adopting More Sustainable Practices
• How: The Economic, Social and Environmental Best Practices for Asphalt Plants and Mixes


Who should attend:
Contractors, Construction Managers, Environmental Managers, Government Agency Personnel


When: September 11, 2:30 p.m. EDT
Cost: $50 members, SAPAs & government/$75 non-members
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1.5 PDHs are being offered for this webinar upon successful completion of the post-webinar test. Please note - only one PDH certificate will be given per paid webinar.





The use of recycled asphalt materials in the form of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and reclaimed asphalt shingles (RAS) has been a standard practice in the U.S. for over 40 years. The environmental benefits in terms of reduced landfilled material, reduced resource consumption, and reduced energy consumption, as a result of reusing these materials, makes asphalt mixture production one of the most green industrial processes.  The cost savings that come with using RAP and RAS are significant, and have been instrumental in stabilizing the cost of asphalt mixtures. The engineering approaches to mix design and pavement design, along with the advanced materials handling and production practices developed by the industry, have resulted in asphalt mixtures that have the durability, strength and flexibility to perform under any traffic condition. 
Who should attend: State, local and private pavement owners, engineers, and consultants 
1.  Learn how the use of RAP and RAS improves the environment, reduces energy consumption, and reduces costs.
2.  Learn how the industry is using best practices in the production of mixtures using RAP and RAS.
3.  Learn how the use of RAP and RAS affects the properties and performance of asphalt paving mixtures.
Speaker:  David E. Newcomb, P.E., Ph.D., Senior Research Engineer, Materials & Pavements Division, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
When:  September 25, 2:30 p.m. EDT
Cost:  Free
This webinar is brought to you as a part of the National Asphalt Pavement Association and the Federal Highway Administration Cooperative Agreement.
1.5 PDHs are available for this webinar upon successful completion of the post-webinar test. Please note - only one PDH certificate will be given per registered attendee.