Asphalt Pavements for Heavy-Duty Applications

QIP-123: Design & Construction of Heavy-Duty PavementsAs an engineered system, asphalt pavements can be designed to carry any traffic load. However, building the right asphalt pavement for heavy-duty, high-stress applications, such as ports and loading facilities, runways, and heavy truck corridors, requires attention during design and construction. To aid in specifying and building asphalt pavements for severe loading conditions, the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) has released an updated second edition of Design & Construction of Heavy-Duty Pavements (Quality Improvement Series QIP-123). The new publication covers structural design, material selection, mixture design, production, construction, and quality control considerations for heavy-duty asphalt pavements, including discussion of large-stone mixes, which can be an economical solution for these applications. The book is available as a PDF download thorugh the NAPA Online Store.