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Inducted December 2000


Clarence Cagle


For more than 50 years, Clarence Cagle has been one of the key individuals behind the scenes in automobile racing. As superintendent and then later vice president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Mr. Cagle helped convert a dilapidated course into the world's most famous automobile racetrack.


Mr. Cagle's involvement with the raceway began in 1946, when Anton Hulman bought the track. After serving as an assistant track superintendent for two years, he took over as a superintendent in 1948, and in 1952 became the track's vice president. Although the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is known to this day as "The Brickyard," Mr. Cagle was the person responsible for its conversion to a state-of-the-art Hot Mix Asphalt surface. He pioneered the practical design and construction techniques of asphalt speedways that continue to be used by engineers, track owners, and contractors throughout the world. The "Cagle Cut" is a unique transverse joint that provides maximum smoothness for racing vehicles.


Since his retirement in 1977, Mr. Cagle has continued to work as a consultant to Indinapolis Motor Speedway and to many other racetracks, overseeing the design and construction of over 100 racetracks worldwide. He is the grandfather of consultants for the NASCAR, Indy, and CART racing leagues, and to this day is the most sought-after expert in racetrack paving.


Wherever he has worked, Clarence Cagle has helped track owners and paving companies produce superior HMA surfaces that resist a multitude of forces, fuel spills, and a wide range of weather and temperature conditions. His commitment has always been to the safety of the drivers, and to the construction of quality asphalt tracks.