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Elected January 1986

Charles R. Foster, P.E.


Following 25 years' service with the U.S. Corps of Engineers specializing in research on soils and pavements, Mr. Foster was appointed in April 1959 as Coordinator of Research for the National Bituminous concrete Association. He retired in January 1977 as Director of Engineering and Research of the Association, now named the National Asphalt Pavement Association.


Mr. Foster was responsible for development and execution of the Association's 10-point Quality Improvement Program to further quality construction of Hot Mix Asphalt pavements. He directed an active research program into all aspects of Hot Mix Asphalt pavement mix design, construction, and performance.


He was the author of many books, periodicals, articles and other published materials on quality Hot Mix Asphalt pavement design and construction and received international recognition for his work on behalf of the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry.


In 1951, he received the American Society of Civil Engineers' Thomas Fitch Rowland prize, and, in 1959, the Society's highest award, the Norman Medal. The Charles R. FOster Technical Library at the National Asphalt Pavement Association offices is named in his honor.