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Endowment Donors

NAPAREF Endowment Campaign Donors
The NAPA Research and Education Foundation thanks the donors who created the endowment and made possible the founding of the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University.

Asphalt Pavement Association of Washington
APAC, Inc.
Ergon Inc.
The Heritage Group
Ronald Kenyon Construction Company
Koch Materials Company
Koppers Company, Inc.
Mathy Construction Company
Payne & Dolan, Inc.
Tilcon Tomasso Inc.
Thompson-McCulley Company

FOUNDER - $150,000+
Astec Industries, Inc.
Commercial Asphalt Company
Industrial Asphalt
Superior Asphalt Company
Superior Paving Corporation
Vulcan Materials Company

FELLOW  - $100,000+

Arundel Asphalt Products, Inc.
Barber-Green Company
Blaw-Knox Construction Equipment Corporation
Caterpillar Tractor Company
Cedarapids, Inc
CMI Corporation
Couch, Inc.
Duininck Brothers Inc.
Elf Asphalt, Inc.
Gencor Industries, Inc.
Genstar Stone Products Company
Hot-Mix Asphalt, Inc.
Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association
Ratrie, Robbins & Schweizer, Inc.
Ritchie Paving, Inc.
Rohlin Construction Company, Inc.
Seaboard Surety Company
Seneca Petroleum Company
J. H. Shears’ Sons, Inc.   
Tri County Asphalt Corporation
United Asphalt Corporation
University Asphalt Company
Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Corporation


BENEFACTOR - $50,000+
Asphalt Sales Company
Border States Paving, Inc.   
Calhoun Asphalt Company, Inc.
Cessford Construction Company
Des Moines Asphalt & Paving Company
Gallagher Asphalt Corporation
Gator Asphalt Company               
Hallett Materials Company
William A. Hazel, Inc.
IA Construction Corporation
Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association
Ingersoll-Rand Company
Lakeside Industries
Lee-Hy Paving Corporation
Lehman-Roberts Company
J. H. Lynch & Sons, Inc.
C. C. Mangum Company
Martin Marietta Construction Aggregates
The McCarter Corporation
Southland Oil Company
Superior Asphalt and Concrete Company
Wilder Construction Company, Inc.


PATRON - $25,000+
Aspro, Inc.
Banks Construction Company, Inc.   
Blacktop Service Company
W. E. Blain & Sons, Inc.
Bowen Construction Company
Zack Burkett Company
Fred Carlson Company, Inc.    
Champaign Asphalt Company
R.A. Cullinan & Son, Inc.
Fauber Construction Company, Inc.
R. L. French Corporation
Hinkle Contracting Corporation
Richard F. Kline, Inc.
Manatt’s Inc.
McAninch Corporation
Maclair Asphalt Company, Inc.
Nesbitt Contracting Company, Inc.
New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association
Orlando Paving Company
L. L. Pelling Company, Inc.
Plaza Materials Company
Rieth-Riley Construction Company, Inc.
Russell Industries, Inc.
Scotty’s Contracting Inc.
B. P. Short & Son Paving Company, Inc.
Standard Havens Products, Inc.   
Warren Paving Company, Inc.
Woodworth & Company, Inc.

SPONSOR - $10,000+      
Advanced Asphalt Company
Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.
Associated Sand & Gravel
Azzarelli Construction Company
Babler Brothers, Inc.
The Baltimore Asphalt Paving Company
Barrett Paving Materials Inc.
Barriere Construction Co., Inc.
Blacktop Construction Company, Inc.
Boorhem-Fields, Inc.
William Bonds Company
Brooks Construction Company
George Brox, Inc.
J.F. Cleckley & Company
Cook Construction Company
County Asphalt Inc.
Cummins Construction Company, Inc.
Curran Contracting Company
Delaware Asphalt Pavement Association
Delta Asphalt of Arkansas, Inc.
Dickerson & Bowen
The Driggs Corporation
Flatiron Paving Company
Fort Dodge Asphalt Company
S. G. Hayes & Company
Sheldon G. Hayes Foundation
Haskell Lemon Construction Company
The Holland Corporation
Inland Asphalt Company
Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.
Lamair-Mulock-Condon Company
Robert & Elaine Lang
Mallette Brothers Construction Company, Inc.
Maryland Paving, Inc.   
C. S. McCrossan, Inc.
Midwest Asphalt Corporation   
Mohr Construction Company, Inc.
Norris Asphalt Paving Company
O’Donnell & Sons Construction Company, Inc.
Pan American Construction Company
Pavex Corporation
Rea Construction Company
Reese Construction Company
Riverdale Quarry Company
Rochester Asphalt Materials, Inc.
Rochester Sand & Gravel, Inc.
Rock Road Companies, Inc.
Southern Illinois Asphalt Company, Inc.
Staker Paving & Construction Company
A.E. Stone, Inc.
Stahl Construction Company
Trimount Bituminous Products Company
Tualatin Valley Paving
Ulland Brothers, Inc.
Valley Quarries, Inc.
Vernon Paving Company
Wabash Valley Asphalt Company, Inc.
Walsh & Kelly, Inc.
Fred Weber, Inc. Material Division
Weldon Asphalt Company
Young Bothers, Inc.

MEMBER - $5,000+
Anderson Columbia Company, Inc.   
Apex Oil Company
Ashmore Brothers, Inc.
Asphalt Equipment & Service Company
Asphalt Paving Company
Asphalt Associates of Charlotte, Inc.
Albert E. Barrett, Inc.
Bing Construction Company of Nevada
David A. Bramble, Inc.
Butler Asphalt Company, Inc.   
Cadillac Asphalt Paving Company
Churchill Construction Company
Clyde/West, Inc.
Columbia Quarry Company
Connecticut Colprovia Corporation, Subsidiary of Peckham Industries, Inc.
Corun & Gatch, Inc.
Crown-Trygg Corporation   
Dover Equipment & Machine Company
Dynapac Manufacturing, Inc.
Garrett Asphalt Products, Inc.                                   
Geneva Construction Company               
Grace Pacific Corporation, The Paving Division       
Gray & Sons, Inc.       
The Heffner Construction Company
Iroquois Paving Corporation
JOB Construction Company
Lawrence-Lynch Corporation                           
Luck Stone Foundation
MAGO Construction Company       
McMahan-O’Connor Construction Company, Inc.
Monarch Asphalt Company
Narragansett Improvement Company   
Orders & Haynes Paving Company, Inc.       
The Osterland Company
Oxford Construction Company
Phend & Brown, Inc.   
Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc.   
Quality Asphalt Paving, Inc.           
Reliable Asphalt Company, Inc.               
John Ruan Foundation Trust    
S & C Materials & Paving
Society of Asphalt Technologists, Inc.
Southwest Paving, Inc.
Stabler Construction Company
Richard R. Stander, Sr.
Tower Asphalt, Inc.
Wayne Asphalt & Construction Company, Inc.
Wyandot Dolomite, Inc. 

Allied Construction Equipment Company
The America Asphalt Paving Company, Inc.   
Asphalt Construction Company, Inc.   
Asphalt Products Company
Bauerly Brothers, Inc.
Blair Paving, Inc.   
BMG Corporation
Boise Paving & Asphalt Company
Capaldi Brothers Corporation
Carnegie Tar & Asphalt Company
Central Paving Company
Conoco Inc.
Halton Foundation
Harney Rock & Paving Company
Lewis Construction Company
Newark Asphalt Company                       
The PavePrep Corporation
Raleigh Ready Mix & Asphalt Inc.       
H. P. Streicher, Inc.
Trap Rock Industries
West Shore Construction Company