2014 Outstanding Website

The NAPA Outstanding Website Awards recognize website designs that promote the use of asphalt and the asphalt industry. Read more about each website in the September/October 2015 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine. This page highlights the award winners Louisville Paving & Construction Co. (producer member); Garrett Paving Co. Inc. (associate member); and Texas Asphalt Pavement Association (State Asphalt Pavement Association); and SAPA finalists Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association; and Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association.


WINNER  Producer Member
Louisville Paving & Construction Co.
Louisville, Kentucky


Louisville Paving & Construction Co.’s decision to redo its company website last year was part of a company-wide recommitment to overall excellence.

John Dougherty, Louisville Paving & Construction Chief Executive Officer, said the old website was 15 years old and “just sat there.” He formed a committee to review, update, and create each page on the new and improved website, which is now receiving record traffic and an increase in employment applications.

“We’re in the top of all the categories we think are important,” Dougherty said. “We track about 15 categories of what we think someone might put in if they are going to search – asphalt, paving, site work, or whatever. We were number one or number two in almost all of them.”

Dougherty said its part of the company’s conscious goal to excel in all areas – training, website, community outreach, safety, and more – which will help the company prosper and reap financial benefits.

“We just have a philosophy that we need to be number one in everything,” he said. “We can’t just do part of it. I think it’s paid off for us.”

The website aims to provide information about the company in a presentable fashion that is easy for the user to navigate. Various headings and drop down menus highlight each division of Louisville Paving & Construction, and the site is updated regularly with current pictures of various jobs and projects. The site is linked to Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.

“We’re trying to keep it up to date,” he said. “So if someone comes back to it, hopefully they will be encouraged to look further on the site.”

The company’s quarterly newsletter is uploaded as each new addition is released, as well as relevant news articles that highlight completed work and achievements by the company and its employees. In addition, an entire page is dedicated to environmental sustainability and the use of recycled materials.

A design team was hired to create the site, but an employee of Louisville Paving & Construction is able to make the changes and updates in-house, “so we keep it fresh and pertinent.” The web team meets at least quarterly to review the site and update it with the latest news, projects, and spotlights, Dougherty said.

The company’s director of business development receives quite a bit of positive feedback regarding the improved site, Dougherty said.

“It’s been well worth it and I’m glad we did it,” he said.


WINNER — Associate Member
Garrett Paving Co. Inc.
Athens, Georgia

While Garrett Paving Co. employees were out and about in their day-to-day paving jobs they often noticed phone books lying on the ground, never even picked up by their owners. 

“People wouldn’t even throw them away, that’s how much interest they had in them,” said Rick Garrett, President and Owner of Garrett Paving Co. “We realized phone book ads aren’t going to get the job done for us anymore.”

This observation led to a business model change for Garrett Paving, a full-service pavement and asphalt paving maintenance contractor. The company initiated a website makeover that debuted last summer. The site keeps simplicity in mind and the realization that the end user doesn’t want to peruse through too much clutter to find the needed information.

“A website is just like insurance or a telephone,” Garrett said. “It’s part of what it takes to be a legitimate business today.” 

Garrett said the website was professionally designed, something he recommends to help increase traffic to a site, which hopefully will lead to an increase in customers.

“You get what you pay for in any business,” Garrett said. “But if it helps us secure more jobs and contacts, it will definitely affect our bottom line.” 

The site was designed to be mobile phone-friendly and contains a Facebook interface for easy access to social media, Garrett said. It offers Garrett Paving a venue to feature its current projects and employees to clientele, which includes local corporate and government agencies, as well as residential and property management projects.

“We take a lot of pride in our work and in our people,” Garrett said. “The website is a way we can get it out in front of people, showcase it a little bit, and let people know what we’ve got going on.”

Garrett said he believes the mindset in hiring a paving contractor has changed over the years, which also helped spur the website update. He said many clients today try to find out about a company before ever making initial contact.

“It used to be that potential contractors would get a call and a chance for a face-to-face meeting to show off their company and services,” Garrett said. “You don’t get that opportunity now. If they don’t like what they see on social media or the information superhighway, they won’t even give you a call.”


WINNER  State Asphalt Paving Association
Texas Asphalt Pavement Association
Buda, Texas


When Karen Pagitt of Texas Asphalt Pavement Association first began designing her association’s website, she sat at her desk staring at a blank page and a logo.

Fast forward a year later and the association’s website now boasts a complete member database, links to other websites and social media, meeting minutes, and content pertinent to today’s asphalt industry.

“We wanted the website to be one-stop shopping for our members in Texas,” said Pagitt, Texas Asphalt Pavement Association’s (TXAPA) Executive Administrator.

The site also gives users the chance to view the weather forecast, a calendar of events, latest news, publications, and links to the Texas Department of Transportation’s website for test procedures and specifications. In addition, links are available to the association’s Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter accounts.

“A click of the button will take them anywhere they need to go,” Pagitt said.

The clean, uncluttered website has witnessed increased traffic, which means a potential increase in business, members, and interest for TXAPA. Since the site went active last year, more than 15,000 users have viewed the site.

“We’ve had a whole lot more people coming to this website than the old one,” Pagitt said. “As long as new members are going to it and using it, then it serves its purpose. If it can bring in new membership from it, that’s an additional plus.”

Pagitt said TXAPA sometimes receives phone calls or applications from users trying to access the members-only page, which has helped increased membership. The members-only page contains meeting minutes, and it allows members to update their profile by adding blogs and pictures or making changes as needed.

“It’s making people come to the website, because they can find the networking information they need,” Pagitt said. The ability to update member profiles is something many like and have chosen to do, she said.

“If anyone is searching for them through our membership directory, when they get to their page, they’ll be able to see all the information they need on that person,” she said.

She added that TXAPA is constantly updating the website, and they are in the process of creating a Member Connect button, in which a topic of interest relating to asphalt is discussed and can be viewed by members.

“Content is the real issue,” she said. “We try to get a lot of feedback from our members about making changes. So if they give us suggestions, I go in and do it.”

TXAPA is excited about adding a training area to the website, which it is planning for the near future. Users to the site will be able to view a video and go through a training process on how to use a particular piece of equipment, direct from the equipment manufacturer.

“So if somebody doesn’t know how to run something or work something, they’ll be able to come to the website to get training,” Pagitt said. She added this feature will be open to the public, not just TXAPA members.


FINALIST  State Asphalt Pavement Association

Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association
New Brighton, Minnesota


Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association (MAPA) gave its website a fresh, new look this past year to include a new members-only page, links to social media sites, and the ability to view the website on smartphones and tablets.

The website, which offers users information on the basics of asphalt pavement, specifications, new technologies, and a pavement design guide, had not been updated in about 10 years. MAPA wanted a more cohesive way to serve its target audience, which includes agency, industry, academia, consultants, general public, and MAPA members.

Users can now search more easily and quickly for a contractor, educator, or company, which in turn adds improved time management and potential financial savings in weeding through the minutiae of website offerings.

“It does benefit our members when people go to our website, click on the link to members. Users go to the contractor and associate member lists, which directs users right to a member’s website,” said Jill M. Thomas, professional engineer and MAPA Executive Director. “So we work with them to link back and forth between MAPA and the member company.”

The members-only page proved to be a huge hit, Thomas said, with more than 120 members logged on to this page alone.

“I think about 40 percent of the website’s clicks go right to the member listing to find a contractor or association,” Thomas said.

The MAPA member login page also offers a spot for members to internally contact each other “and promote what’s going on with them and their company,” Thomas said. MAPA committee meeting minutes are also posted on the members-only page.

Other updated features to the site include ways to sign up for training, seminars, or classes. Users can register for MAPA’s frequent “Lunch & Learns,” a free service provided over the lunchtime hour in which consultants are kept up-to-date on new asphalt technology or specifications.

In addition to its links to Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Google Maps, the site has a resources page with engineering, economics, and environment tabs with related material such as recycling asphalt, warm-mix asphalt, life-cycle cost analysis, and porous pavement. Information on a new MAPA scholarship is also posted on the website, along with a calendar of events.


FINALIST — State Asphalt Pavement Association

Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association
Madison, Wisconsin


Before Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association redesigned its website, users were met with an abundance of information that many found cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

Last year the site was cleaned up, organized, and given the final onceover before making its debut. The association, also known as WAPA, now has a website with some added sparkle and shine — a more welcoming home page, valuable information, pictures, industry links, industry career opportunities, and more.

“We tried to make it more visually appealing for the general public, as well as our members,” said Brandon Strand, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association.

The goal in redesigning the website was to better serve the association’s members, government officials, and the general public, something Strand said he thinks can financially benefit WAPA in the long term. Visitors to the site are now offered three or four recent news stories, a list of upcoming events, and a brief profile from a featured WAPA member.

“I thought that these were probably the most important things to get out there — the latest news, upcoming events and a featured member on our homepage,” Strand said, adding that the featured member changes each time the website is visited.

“We have scrolling images on the top, which makes the site more visually appealing,” Strand said. The cleaner, easy-to-use site provides valuable industry information in a professional manner.

Perhaps the most popular section of the site is the Resources section, in which the benefits of asphalt are categorized into three parts: economics, engineering, and the environment.

“We were also able to catalog different resources under those three different headers whereas before we had a ton of information but it wasn’t categorized into any shape or form,” Strand said. “ Hopefully it’s a little easier to navigate.”

Each category features WAPA, NAPA, or other industry publications discussing the three areas of focus. The Economics section features information on life-cycle cost analysis and pavement selection. The Engineering portion includes information on perpetual pavements, pavement design, smoothness, and quiet pavements. The Environment link discusses sustainability, warm-mix asphalt, and porous pavements.

“The website serves WAPA members, which positively affects the bottom line,” Strand said. “I think by categorizing articles and putting the best face on our association, WAPA increases membership.”

WAPA’s Outreach section of the site includes information on its Environmental Leadership Award program, recognizing plants that exceed high environmental standards. Its Bag Lunch & Learn sessions are also highlighted to provide information on the latest technologies and innovations in the industry.

In addition, the site’s Career tab allows members to post job openings and features information for recent graduates by highlighting education, licenses, and certificates required to land an asphalt job, whether it’s on a plant or paving crew or in management and engineering.

“I think the ultimate goal of our website is to make it the first and only stop for local governments, state governments, consulting and engineering firms, our members, or the public in general, in regards to asphalt pavement in the state of Wisconsin,” Strand said.