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Diamond Achievement Commendation






Opening of the Diamond Commendation Program has been delayed until Aug. 24, 2020. The early-bird rate of $375 will remain in effect for all of 2020. The deadline to apply is Dec. 31, 2020.






Patterns of growth all over the country have placed many asphalt plants in the midst of communities. This development makes it imperative that asphalt plants demonstrate good corporate citizenship and neighbor-friendly operations.


To assist asphalt companies in reaching these goals, and to provide an avenue for continuous improvement, NAPA launched the Diamond Achievement Commendation for Excellence in Hot-Mix Asphalt Plant/Site Operations in 1999. Nearly 800 plant/sites are current Diamond Achievement recipients. Over the years, most of the companies that have received the commendation have renewed their participation annually.


The Diamond Achievement process emphasizes continuous improvement. The process begins with a self-assessment of six aspects of plant/site operations: appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance, and community relations. It also includes verification by an outside third party who is not associated with the company. Some questions are mandatory and require an appropriate response in order for the application to be eligible.


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The Diamond Achievement program is open to all in the United States and Canada. After qualifying for the Diamond Achievement Commendation, companies have the option to answer additional questions to recognize sustainable practices and earn the Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation. Click here to log in as a NAPA Member and start or resume a Diamond Achievement Commendation application. Applicants who are not NAPA Members may contact the Director of Awards & Marketing Kelly Kanaras at the NAPA office for login credentials to complete the application online.



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