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Quiet Pavement

In the world today, noise has become one of the most pervasive forms of environmental pollution. Noise is everywhere. It affects our lives at home, at work, and at play. Wherever people live there is noise. Noise, by definition, is any unwanted or excessive sound. It can be a nuisance, interfering with sleep, work, or recreation.

There is one type of noise that can be effectively treated at its source: road noise. By paving roads and highways with asphalt, noise experienced both inside and outside homes and businesses can be significantly reduced.


Research in the U.S. and Europe shows that resurfacing a noisy road with stone-matrix asphalt (SMA) or open-graded friction course (OGFC) mix will reduce highway noise by 3 to 5 dB(A) or more. To the average person, this reduction is the same as doubling the distance between the source of the noise and their location.


When comparing the noise reduction that is possible by choosing asphalt pavement, we see how much more practical pavement surface selection is than construction of noise barrier walls.


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