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Software Registration Process


The Emerald Eco-Label software allows asphalt mix producers to develop and publish verified plant-specific EPDs for asphalt mixtures produced in the United States. The software is hosted on a third-party, secure website. The software was developed for Google Chrome but should work on most web browsers.

Number of EPDs: The per-plant fee covers the initial development and future revisions for an unlimited number of EPDs produced by the asphalt plant. Each plant-produced asphalt mix design or job-mix formula should have its own EPD.

Duration: Access to the software is tied to the period of validity for the PCR that’s in effect when access for a plant is purchased. Version 2 of the PCR took effect on April 1, 2022 and will expire on March 31, 2027. EPDs generated by Version 2 of the software will expire on March 31, 2027. After that date, EPDs generated by the tool will no longer be valid. The pricing schedule is provided below.


How to Get Started

1. Visit the web-based Emerald Eco-Label EPD software website.

2. Create a user profile. The Emerald Eco-Label software uses single sign-on (SSO) to connect via NAPA login credentials. New users should set up a username and passowrd on the NAPA website. You can either do this before creating a user profile on the Emerald Eco-Label website, or during the process of creating a user profile on the Emerald Eco-Label website. You do not have to be a NAPA member to establish a username and password on the NAPA website or the Emerald Eco-Label website. 

3. Watch the two training webinars and pass the associated quizzes. The training webinars are linked near the bottom of this page.  

4. Log in to the Emerald Eco-Label website and create an Organization. If you have passed the two quizzes but your user training status has not been updated, please contact Ebony Curry

5. Create and purchase access for your asphalt plant(s). Your NAPA membership status is automatically determined based on your NAPA login credentials. 

6. Compile the data needed for your plant(s) and mix designs using the Data Gathering Spreadsheet. Use this spreadsheet to streamline the data entry process by putting all your information in one place. 

* Access to the software will be available until the PCR expires on March 31, 2027. No refunds will be given for plants that close prior to March 31, 2027.


Version 1 EPD Software Instructions: User Manual for Version 1 of the Emerald Eco-Label software.

Version 2 Data Gathering Sheet 

Version 2 EPD Software Instructions – Coming soon!

Your company will need to designate a primary/technical contact. This person is responsible for ensuring and affirming that all people assigned roles to enter data in the software are properly trained and understand the software. To ensure credibility and accuracy of generated EPDs, the primary/technical contact is required to view two training webinars on the Emerald Eco-Label EPD tool and pass a test before being granted access to the software tool. These webinars are available below.


Training Webinars

Version 2: Environmental Product Declarations: What they are and how to use them
Access this free webinar on the NAPA store. 

How to Use Version 2 of Emerald Eco-Label: NAPA's EPD Tool

Access this free webinar on the NAPA store. 

Did you develop EPDs in the previous version of the tool and want to upgrade to version 2? Check out our FAQs here. For any other questions about registering or using the Emerald Eco-Label software, please contact Joseph Shacat

Will I have to re-enter all of my data into the software after the update?

User data that has been entered into the Emerald Eco-Label software will automatically migrate over to the new version of the software. In most cases, you will not have to re-enter your data into the software. However, there are a few considerations to be aware of:

  • Version 2 of the PCR for Asphalt Mixtures has new data requirements that must be completed. The software will indicate which data fields needs to be completed and will not allow you to finalize or publish an EPD until all data requirements have been completed. An updated Data Gathering spreadsheet is being prepared to help you with the new data collection requirements.
  • The data collection period for primary data related to asphalt plant operations (fuel, electricity, water consumption, total mix sold, etc.) must begin on April 1, 2017 or later. You will have to update your plant data if the data collection period began prior to April 1, 2017.
  • Even if your plant’s data collection period began after April 1, 2017, this is a good opportunity to review and update your data to a more recent time period to more closely reflect your plant’s current operational practices.

I am the primary contact for my company. Will my training still be valid with the new software?

No. NAPA has posted a new training webinar for Version 2 of the software. As the primary contact, you will have to watch this video and pass the associated quiz. Your company will not be able to develop or publish EPDs until the training requirement for the primary contact has been fulfilled.