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IMPACT Leadership Group Conference Sponsor Prospectus

The IMPACT Leadership Group Conference provides a unique opportunity to support and engage with emerging leaders. View available opportunities below and contact Liz Price, Manager, Meetings & Education, at 240-825-4436 for more information.

2022 IMPACT Leadership Group Conference
September 13–15 | W Minneapolis – The Foshay
Minneapolis, MN

Print & Digital

On-Site Agenda $600 SOLD
“Know Before You Go” Attendee Email $500 SOLD

On-Site Branding & Giveaways

LinkedIn Corner $5,000 Experts will provide valuable insight on how to use LinkedIn to market your business more effectively. Attendees will get an overview of the platform as well as tips on how to position organizations as thought leaders within the industry. Your company’s logo will be prominently displayed on event signage.
Headshot Lounge $4,000 Attendees will remember your company each time they look at their fresh, new professional headshot portrait. Your company logo will be featured emails sent to attendees along with their headshot photo.
Meeting Room Internet $1,500 Provide attendees with Internet access in the meeting room. Your company logo will be prominently displayed on the landing page and signage will be displayed in the foyer space.
Lanyards $1,000 Display your company logo on lanyards given to attendees at registration and worn throughout the conference.
Charging Station $1,000

Give attendees the opportunity to charge their mobile devices in a high-traffic area, sure to draw attention AND appreciation from attendees as you rescue them from the dreaded “Low Battery” signal.

Hotel Key Cards & Envelopes $3,000 SOLD
Pens $500 SOLD

Networking Events

Wednesday Session with Anirban Basu


Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on our website, with on-site signage, and on the screen as attendees enter the session.

Thursday MnROAD Tour and Lunch $5,000

Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on our website, with on-site signage, and on event napkins.

Wednesday Networking Lunch


Branded signage will remind participants of your hospitality and sponsorship. In addition, your company materials can be displayed on tables for further visibility (subject to NAPA approval).

Wednesday Networking Beverage Break


Signage with your company logo will be displayed at beverage stations.

Thursday Off-Site Networking Event at Can Can Wonderland $10,000 SOLD

Wednesday Safety DNA Session with Terry Weston

$6,000 SOLD

Wednesday Off-Site Event at Top Golf

$6,000 SOLD
Tuesday Welcome Reception $3,000


Wednesday Networking Breakfast $1,500 SOLD
Thursday Networking Breakfast $1,500 SOLD