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Midyear Virtual Meeting Overview


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In order to protect the health and safety of our members while continuing to provide valuable education and engagement opportunities, NAPA leadership decided to bring the in-person Midyear Meeting to a virtual platform. We will miss seeing everyone in Santa Barbara this summer, but we are excited about a new opportunity to interact during the Midyear Virtual Meeting, July 13-15.

he theme of NAPA’s Midyear Virtual Meeting is managing disruption in the COVID-19 era and beyond. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to position themselves to navigate the changing economiclegislative, and workforce landscapes. Attendees will learn from experts on the latest trends and best practices as it relates to the pandemic and how our industry may change as a result.


Why are we doing the Midyear Virtual Meeting?

  • To affirm the value of NAPA membership (members receive a drastically cheaper rate than non-members).
  • To keep members updated on industry and issues that may impact their success.
  • To showcase NAPA expertise and exclusive services the industry can only get from NAPA.

What is the unique value attendees receive from participating in the Midyear Virtual Meeting?

  • No travel costs.
  • Participate safely and conveniently.
  • Reduced time away out of the office.
  • Increased employee participation within your company.
  • Earn PDH credits for education sessions.
  • Live Q&A with speakers.
  • Experience sessions in a live, virtual environment or by accessing the recordings at a later time.