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NAPA Webinars

New-NAPA-Talks-Webinars-WebNAPA offers a variety of webinars throughout the year on various topics related to the asphalt industry. These topics range from newly released industry regulations to innovative processes and technology that can benefit your company. The NAPA webinar program will deliver the information you need to the comfort of your home or office.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs)Participation in NAPA webinars may earn you Professional Development Hours (PDHs). PDHs are educational units used to fulfill continuing education requirements for licensure or certification. In most cases, 1 hour of participation in a webinar equals 1 PDH. Some states and certifying bodies require pre-approval of professional development hours and documentation requirements also vary, so be sure to check with your appropriate agency. You are responsible for maintaining the documentation for your PDHs. You can request a certificate of completion after you attend any of the webinars to keep for your records. 


Thinlays for Road Owners and Maintenance Engineers
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2:00–3:30 p.m. EDT
Speakers: The webinar will be led by Jim Purcell, P.E., a consulting engineer with many years of experience in design and roadway experience. Accompanying him are Aaron Clodfelter, Washington County, OR, Principal Engineer; Jennifer Elston, Ohio DOT District Pavement Engineer; Kevin Lang, Marathon County, WI, Project Superintendent; Albert White, Mississippi DOT District Engineer

This webinar will focus on the use of thin asphalt overlays as a cost-effective, long-term solution to extend the life of roadway infrastructure. This presentation will cover the following topics: how to select a project for a thin overlay, the process for materials selection and mix design, the construction and quality control considerations, and expected performance of thin overlays. The webinar will also include project examples and information shared by engineers and maintenance professionals around the US.

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Professional Development Hours (PDHs):
Attendees will receive 1.5 hours of professional development for participating in this webinar.

A Practical Guide to Sustainable Asphalt Pavements Part 4: How to Develop a Sustainability Program
Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2:00–3:30 p.m. EST
Speakers: Steve Muench, Tom and Marilyn Draeger / The Beavers Charitable Trust Professor, University of Washington and Adam Hand, Associate Professor, University of Nevada Reno

Developing a company-specific sustainability program can be a daunting task. Implementing changes that affect a company’s vision or mission, corporate strategy, and overall corporate culture is a significant challenge. Just understanding the applicability of corporate sustainability reporting protocols, such as GRI and SASB, can be difficult. This webinar will help companies understand the steps needed to develop a sustainability program that reflects company priorities and addresses stakeholder expectations. This is the fourth episode of a 4-part webinar series that accompanies NAPA’s publication series, Sustainable Asphalt Pavements, A Practical Guide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Details of what a sustainability program should include.
  • The importance of setting meaningful sustainability goals and measurement of those goals.
  • The role of communication and change management principles in developing and implementing a sustainability program.

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Professional Development Hours (PDHs):
Attendees will receive 1.5 hours of professional development for participating in this webinar.


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