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Asphalt for Performance

One of the keys to sustainability is long life.  With Perpetual Pavements, asphalt pavements have an extremely long lifespan.


A Perpetual Pavement is constructed so that distress occurs in the the top layer only.  The only rehabilitation required is removal of the surface and resurfacing with an asphalt overlay.  Using current pavement technologies, this can be done on an infrequent basis - every 15 to 20 years.  The reclaimed material is then recycled.  Perpetual Pavement is the ultimate in sustainable design and construction.


While the Perpetual Pavement name is relatively new, the concept is not.  In fact, more than 50 pavements have received the Perpetual Pavement Award since 2001.  These award-winning roads, streets, highways and airport runways have been in place for at least 35 years, with a minimum of maintenance and no full-depth reconstruction.


pdf Performance means Sustainability