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Asphalt for Clean Air and Cool Cities

Asphalt plants are environmentally sound

Emissions from asphalt plants, including greenhouse gases, are very low and well-controlled.  Since 1970, the asphalt industry has decreased total emissions from plants by 97 percent while increasing production by 250 percent.  Emissions from asphalt plants are so low, the EPA considers them as only minor sources of industrial pollution.


Cool Cities

The urban heat island effect is not a black and white issue.  Porous asphalt pavements have been shown to lower nighttime surface temperatures as compared to impervious pavements.  In at least one city, the hottest heat signature is at the airport, with its thick, dense, impervious runways.


Traffic relief

When cars and trucks are mired in congestion, they consume fuel and produce greenhouse gases.  Asphalt's speed of construction allows planners and managers a way to fix congestion hot spots and bottlenecks, quickly and cost-effectively.


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