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Asphalt for Environmental Liners

Asphalt was used for water-proofing long before it was used for load bearing. Today, asphalt is used as a material for storing and processing all kinds of materials because it offers both essential properties: water-proofing and load-bearing.


HMA liners take on the toughest jobs such as:


  • keeping sanitary landfills sanitary;
  • storing toxic materials and preventing their escape into the surrounding environment;
  • making it possible to treat and even recycle liquid and solid wastes; and
    keeping water clean.


No other environmental/hydraulic lining material even comes close. And here are a few reasons:


  • Liquids don't penetrate asphalt;
  • Asphalt pavement is puncture-proof;
  • HMA liners will outlast anything they contain;
  • Asphalt conforms to irregular surfaces;
  • HMA's load-bearing properties make asphalt easy to clean;
  • Asphalt won't join forces with waste materials; and
  • Being inert, asphalt doesn't taint drinking water.


For more details about these properties and benefits, read Asphalt for Environmental Liners.