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COVID-19: Workplace Health & Safety in the Asphalt Pavement Industry


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Dr. Howard Marks, Vice President for EH&S



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NAPA releases employee temperature scanning protocol


"Work-Related" Coronavirus, Workers' Comp & Liability Shields
Over the past month, state and federal agencies and legislatures have started to address whether COVID-19 can or should be considered "work-related" in essential workers and whether the illness is compensable under a state Workers’ Compensation program. In addition, questions have been raised about whether the government should shield employers from potential liability associated with business-related COVID-19 illnesses in employees or clientele (e.g., customers and subcontractors). Regulatory and economic impacts associated with each of these issues could be substantial and is being discussed at the highest levels of government. While federal OSHA still requires the employer to determine whether a COVID-19 illness is "work-related," some state Workers' Comp boards are specifying otherwise. For the most up-to-date information, including a state-by-state analysis, click here. 


Construction Industry Updates its Exposure Prevention, Preparedness & Response Plan


OSHA Releases Alert to Help Keep Construction Workers Safe
Last week, OSHA released its Health & Safety Alert providing best practices to keep construction workers safe during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the agency’s recommendations is to allow workers to wear face coverings. While information provided in OSHA’s Alert is consistent with NAPA’s guidance, NAPA’s guidance, accessible here on NAPA’s COVID Health & Safety Webpage, provides additional and industry-specific guidance on protecting road construction workers.



Key Resources


Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, & Response Plan for the Construction Industry


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Educating Employees About COVID-19


Active Employee Screening as an Infection Control Measure 


Preventing the Spread at the Plant and on the Jobsite


Respiratory Protection for Construction Workers


Determining Whether Coronavirus is Work-Related and OSHA Recordable


Additional Best Practices for the Asphalt Industry

(including PPE, e-ticketing, hazard mitigation strategies, disinfecting practices, and more)


OSHA Guidance Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)