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Environmental Leadership Award


ELA For NAPA RGBThe Environmental Leadership Award is the pinnacle award for asphalt plants in the U.S. Just as the Sheldon G. Hayes Award is presented to the top highway project from the Quality in Construction Awards, the Environmental Leadership Award recognizes the highest-rated asphalt plants from the Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation. Thus, the Environmental Leadership Award is a prestigious award for asphalt plants.


Winners will be selected through a two-year process. In the first year, the contractor must submit a full renewal or new application for a Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation. All plants earning a Commendation will be automatically reviewed in a blind peer-review process, and the top-scoring plants will be invited to submit for the award.

Invitees must complete an additional questionnaire and submit photos, an amateur plant-site video, and a third-party endorsement to remain in consideration. Industry peers judge these materials and select winners and finalists based on the plant's appearance as well as the company's environmental and social stewardship.


The first Environmental Leadership Award will be presented at the 2020 Annual Meeting in Maui, Hawaii.