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2018 Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award

The Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award is given to the highest-rated Quality in Construction — Airport Pavement .  The award is named after Ray Brown, who was the Director of the National Center for Asphalt Technology from 1991 until his retirement in 2007.  Under his leadership, NCAT became the preeminent organization for asphalt pavement research. 



Granite Construction Inc.

Buellton, Calif.

QA11-Granite-Santa Barbara Municipal AirportGranite Construction Inc. won the award for work on Santa Barbara Municipal Airport Runway 7-25. The project consisted of a five-inch cold plane of the existing surface on the main runway, followed by a variable thickness leveling course. Due to the grade requirements of the two paving courses, 3D Universal Total Station (UTS) paving equipment was used. The daily setup and placement required proper planning to ensure uninterrupted and continuous operation throughout the shift and 3D models were regularly updated to ensure proper grades were obtained.

Working in tight areas and short windows in which to pave each night were two significant challenges the project posed. Additionally, the runway needed to be cleaned and inspected before opening to aircraft in the morning. This required cold planing and paving operations to be performed in the same shift along with striping operations to replace major runway markings. Proper planning was crucial to ensure the runway was open for normal airport operations without any delays to commercial and private aircraft. Daily communication between the grinding crew, paving crew, asphalt plant, trucking company, sweepers, striping contractor, and airport operations/security was a key component to the success of this project.