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What does the NAPA Emerald Eco-Label Program do?
The goal of the Emerald Eco-Label Program is to provide a third-party verified EPD that gives comprehensive and credible environmental data to customers (engineers, public and private road owners). EPDs published through the program will allow decision makers to make informed comparisons among asphalt mixtures with the goal of improving the environmental impact of mixtures. The Emerald Eco-label EPD tool will help standardize the asphalt industry's life-cycle assessment (LCA) assumptions, allowing for credible and transparent reporting. Creating the EPD tool within the industry enabled NAPA to define the EPD rather than having it defined for us.


How many EPDs can I create per plant?
You may create as many EPDs as you wish for registered plants.


Will NAPA have access to individual mix data?
No. All data provided is available only to a third-party vendor and will be used as input for the calculation of the EPD and in an anonymized input of aggregated industry analyses. Raw data is secure and will not be shared.


When will an industry average EPD be created?
NAPA anticipates that information should be available by early 2018.


Who can use the Emerald Eco-Label tool?
Asphalt plant owners, producers, contractors — anybody who is a supplier in the asphalt materials industry and intends to communicate the cradle-to-gate environmental impacts of their asphalt mixtures using an EPD. The tool is available to both members and potential members.


The software requires a NAPA login. How can I get login credentials?
Please contact Associate Director of Member Programs Kelly Kanaras to secure a login.


When does my EPD expire?
The EPD is valid until the current Product Category Rules expire — Jan. 31, 2022.


Where is my EPD published?
If you choose to have your EPD published, it will be housed on Trisight's website for the public to view.


Do I have to use the NAPA EPD tool to publish an EPD?
No. However, for NAPA to publish your EPD on the website, you will need to submit a third-party reviewed LCA first.


Can the asphalt-mix EPD be compared to a concrete-mix EPD?
No. The EPD can only be compared to other asphalt-mix EPDs produced with the same tool and under the same Product Category Rules (PCRs). Alternate material EPDs are produced under different PCRs with different assumptions and are therefore not comparable.