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Product Category Rules (PCR)

Call for Volunteers to Revise the PCR for Asphalt Mixtures – Applications due on May 26, 2020

NAPA is seeking applicants to serve on its PCR Committee to assist with reviewing and revising the PCR for Asphalt Mixtures. The number of individuals who may participate in the PCR Committee is limited, but NAPA wants to include representatives from interested parties, including but not limited to asphalt mix producers, material suppliers, customers, governmental agencies, educational institutions, life cycle assessment (LCA) practitioners, and asphalt pavement research facilities.


PCR Committee Call for Volunteers. More information on the qualifications we are looking for, and the expected time commitment for serving on the PCR Committee.


Online Submittal Form, Use this link to submit your application via SurveyMonkey.

PCR Committee Application Questions. Applicants can use this Word document to compile their responses to the questions on the PCR Committee Application. Applications must be submitted using the SurveyMonkey submittal form by May 26, 2020


PCR Documents

Information used in an EPD is based on a life-cycle assessment (LCA) methodology following certain product-specific requirements and boundaries, referred to as Product Category Rules (PCRs). These are the rules a product must follow to develop and publish and EPD in order to create a transparent, credible report.


NAPA and a group of industry experts developed a PCR for asphalt mixtures in 2017. Members of the public submitted comments on the PCR during the public review period.


PCR for Aspahlt Mixtures

PCR for Asphalt Mixtures Annex 1 - Prescribed Secondary Data Sources
Reviewer and public comments

Life Cycle Assessment of Asphalt Mixtures in Support of an Environmental Product Declaration

PCR approval

EPD tool verification statement