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Emerald Eco-Label Program Benefits

Over the past 10 years, the need to quantify environmental performance has become more critical in all sectors of the construction industry. The asphalt industry has increased the use of warm-mix technologies and recycled materials to reduce its environmental impact; however, road owners, agencies, and contractors all need a way to share with stakeholders quantifiable metrics of sustainability and environmental impact. This might be as simple as a benchmark of what they are doing right now, or contractors and road owners might be asked to demonstrate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


The Emerald Eco-Label, NAPA's verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tool, can help asphalt producers benchmark their asphalt mixtures to assist their customers in meeting their environmental goals. An EPD is similar to a nutrition label, except instead of listing calories and fat content, it lists the environmental impacts of a specific asphalt mix. This allows consumers to not only see what they are buying but also the environmental impacts associated with the product. Requests for EPDs are already starting, and other paving materials already are using EPDs to win projects. Generating a NAPA verified EPD report can benefit companies in multiple ways.


Why Emerald Eco-Label? 

  • Easy-to-use
  • Cost efficient
  • Assist customers in obtaining green rating system credits
  • Differentiates participating contractors
  • Helps inform bidding decisions
  • EPD demonstrates that asphalt is sustainable
  • Demonstrates environmental stewardship
  • Eases corporate sustainability reporting
  • Benchmark your company's energy and water use to identify inefficiencies and improve corporate bottom line
  • Enact improvements at the plant to see cost savings


About the Tool:

  • A proactive step by the industry and NAPA to define the materials and processes in an EPD 
  • Created by industry professionals and stakeholders and evaluated by sustainability experts
  • Easy and affordable
  • Data is secure and confidential