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Watch a dynamic video which captures the relationship of drivers and passengers to the nation’s interstate system. When Americans head out on the road, what they care most about is enjoying the smooth, high-performance driving experience which asphalt pavements deliver.



Watch this minute-and-a-half video that captures the fundamental importance of providing smooth roads for drivers. The video shows the impacts poorly maintained roads have on the driving public. The viewer will take away the message that as roads age, they require periodic maintenance to ensure a high level of performance and drivability. Asphalt is easy to maintain in a cost-effective way that minimizes disruption for the travelling public.



While drivers sleep, asphalt paving crews are hard at work to make roads better. Asphalt pavements are quick to construct and easy and cost-effective to maintain. With construction in off-peak hours, roads can be kept safe and smooth with a minimum of disruption for the travelling public.



With Perpetual Pavement designs, asphalt roads can be built to stand the test of time with only minimal periodic maintenance. It's the most cost-effective way to ensure the high level of smooth, safe drivability that the public wants with minimal inconvenience.



Roads are about more than getting from place to place. They help us realize dreams of far off places, opportunities, and adventure. The engineers and crews that design and build roads are dream builders, helping us all go farther. This celebrates you, the dream builders.



When it comes to paving, sustainability matters. Asphalt pavements are quiet, smooth, quick and easy to maintain, and 100% recyclable. Environmentally, economically, and socially, asphalt pavements are the most sustainable paving option.



Asphalt pavements are quick to construct and easy to maintain, which means smooth surfaces with fewer delays for drivers.



When it comes to drivability, pavement smoothness matters for road users, road owners, and the national economy, demonstrating why asphalt is the safest, most cost-effective paving options.



When it comes to safety, asphalt pavements can be engineered and maintained to ensure a smooth, safe, skid-resistant surface ... no matter the weather



When it comes to quality of life, reducing roadway noise matters. Because of their smooth, continuous surface and ease of maintenance, asphalt pavements can reduce road noise at the point where the tire meets the road. That is better for drivers and is better for those who live, work, or play within earshot of a road.