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Upcoming Work

In 2021, the below lists are some of the key topic areas identified for future work and deemed important to airfield reliability, efficiency, and safety with the overarching goal to keep America moving forward. These research areas are revisited and prioritized periodically by the Program Coordination Group of the AAPTP.  As projects move up in prioritization, a technical panel is assigned, a request for proposal (RFP) developed, and a subsequent project is initiated.

Proposals awarded and contracts under negotiation

  • BMD - Rutting Performance Test 
  • BMD - Cracking
  • Hotmix Asphalt (HMA) Paving Handbook 
  • Binder Selection 
  • Best Practices for Longitudinal Joint Maintenance 
  • Impact of VRAM on Longitudinal Joint Performance: State of the Knowledge 
  • Mitigation of Delamination and Plastic Flow at High Speed Exits

Other Topics include:

  • Feasibility of Cold Central Plant Recycling at Airfields (RFP announced 01/03/2022)
  • Use of Recycled Materials
  • Gyration Levels
  • Pavement Interlayers
  • Cold Weather Construction
  • Intelligent Compaction