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Performance is the ultimate goal. You expect it from your car, your college football team, your employees, and your pavements. The vast roadway network of the United States is one of the nation's greatest assets — a $23 trillion dollar investment that keeps the American economy moving. However, as our roads age and traffic volumes continue to increase, road owners look for increased value and performance from every mile of roadway constructed. In a recent industry survey, 97% of pavement owners listed performance as one of the most important qualities they wanted from a pavement.


Paving for Performance: Designed to Perform is the first of two technical conferences developed by the National Asphalt Pavement Association focused on how the asphalt industry can ensure pavement performance. And that focus starts with design.


Both pavement design and mix design are critical for ensuring the performance of asphalt mixtures. At Paving for Performance: Designed to Perform, you will:

  • Learn how specific mixture and design philosophies can improve a pavement’s life cycle costs by improving performance.
  • Engage with case studies from contractors who have optimized plant operations to use RAP and RAS and rejuvenators without sacrificing mixture quality.
  • Exchange knowledge with peers from across the nation on topics that impact customer satisfaction and your business' bottom line.


Designing for performance helps you create a high-quality, cost-effective, optimized design, which when paired with best practices in construction yields the ultimate goal — superior asphalt pavements.

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