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NAPA Statement on Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013

Lanham, Md. — National Asphalt Pavement Association President Mike Acott released the following statement today (April 26) regarding Congressional actions to end air-traffic controller furloughs:


"The goal of ensuring the travelling public can move freely across the country is important, so Congress's move to end air traffic control furloughs is the right one. However, the redirection of Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds to this purpose is disappointing. We sincerely hope that keeping towers fully staffed today does not shortchange runway construction, maintenance, and enhancement tomorrow, leading to even greater disruptions down the road. This sort of short-term fix is no substitute for long-term solutions that address fundamental problems in how the nation invests in transportation infrastructure. Congress needs to take a serious look at how we fund the roads, rails, and runways upon which the nation's economy relies."