2013 Outstanding Website

The NAPA Outstanding Website Awards recognize website designs that promote the use of asphalt and the asphalt industry. Read more about each website in the September/October 2014 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine.


Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association
Jefferson City, Mo.

Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association developed its website, www.moasphalt.org, about one year ago to provide an interface for the association’s membership communications and a place to distribute easy-to-digest educational material, all while providing dynamic materials in an easy-to-navigate, vibrant website.


Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association took steps to address the questions of a wide-ranging audience — road builders, road owners, and the general public.  For contractors, the site provides information on Missouri Department of Transportation news, upcoming meetings, and industry events.  Education materials on technical information serve both the contractors and the MoDOT/public works officials seeking to learn more about asphalt pavements. Finally, the Our Members page highlights the association’s membership and gives information seekers access to quality contractors in their community.  


The site also incorporates social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to allow interested parties a variety of ways to interface with the association.  “Social media are an integral part of marketing today. They offer an informal connection to our audiences and allows for participation and interaction among users which our website does not allow. Ultimately social media keep us in front of our audience. People will check Facebook and Twitter far more than they will log on to our website — we had to take advantage of that,” said Wagner-Marchant.


They are extremely happy with their new website, touting it as informative and appealing, and a valuable resource for the asphalt industry.


Virginia Asphalt Association
Richmond, Va.


Virginia Asphalt Association redesigned and relaunched its website, www.vaasphalt.org, in June of 2013 with the goal of providing both the general public and local officials (including public works administrators and engineering consultants) access to accurate, unbiased information about asphalt and asphalt pavements.


For the Virginia Asphalt Association, public education played a key role in the website’s redevelopment.  VAA’s site content ranges from introductory materials to technical discussions on pavement design and the selection processes. Due to the site’s layout, the many audiences are able to quickly identify the topic areas for which they are seeking information and the pages are written to enhance each audience’s familiarity with asphalt pavements. One of the most popular areas on the website is the Pavement Guide, which provides visitors with assistance designing new asphalt pavements.  The Pavement Guide introduces the methods of pavement recycling, drainage, design-by-use, and structrual design as adapted by the Virginia Department of Transportation.  These pages contain helpful graphics, definitions, and videos, which work to visually convey the complexity of pavement construction. 


Richard J. Schreck, Executive Vice President said that, “VAA developed the first edition of the Pavement Guide in the early 80’s and it has been very popular with engineers, designers, contractors and municipalities over the years (and copied by many other state associations).  We saw the website as an opportunity to provide even more information in a format anyone can access and understand.  Having it on line also enables us to keep it current with VDOT specifications, standards and the latest advancements in asphalt technology.”


Moving forward, the Virginia Asphalt Association hopes to expand the site with additional videos and links to social media channels. Due to the association’s dedicated education efforts, the membership, public, and partners of the association have a valuable resource for emerging information about the aspahlt pavement industry.