2013 Outstanding Brochure

This award goes to outstanding company brochures published to promote the asphalt industry.  Read more about these outstanding brochures in the September/October 2014 edition of Asphalt Pavement.


Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association
Jefferson City, Mo.


The Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association developed a series of five double sided tri-fold brochures which highlight key asphalt industry messages including an overview on asphalt pavements, Perpetual Pavement, sustainability, and benefits of joing MAPA.  The brochures are packaged as a group and display high-quality photos, graphics, and facts about the asphalt paving industry in Missouri.  Printed on cover stock paper with a glossy finish, the z-folded brochures measure 8.5 by 3.75 inches.


The brochures are distributed to engineers, elected officials, potential members, and consultants.  Given the wide audience and the differing levels of understanding regarding asphalt pavements, Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association used publications from the Asphalt Pavement Alliance as a starting point. After selecting the talking points, they weaved in techical information written in a clear, concise format, and data on asphalt paving projects, usage, and facts from Missouri.  “Effective marketing pieces need to be both eye catching as well as easy to understand. The brochures are not too text heavy and are written in a highly readable format. We utilized design elements to help move readers through the piece while directing them to the most important information,” said Assistant Director of the Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association Alissa Wagner-Marchant.


Utilizing technology innovations, each Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association brochures has a QR code —a machine-readable optical label that directs interested readers to MAPA’s award winning website www.moasphalt.org for additional information.



Palmer Paving Corp.
Palmer, Mass.


Palmer Paving Corp. created a 12-page booklet with a jacket pocket on the interior back cover that details Palmer Paving’s corporate culture, company history, values, and goals.  The 11.5 by 8.25 inch booklet contains eye-catching photos highlighing the benefits of working with a 59-year old family-owned business with a proven record for excellence. The interior jacket pocket offers an oppurtunity for Palmer to customize the brochure to a target audience — general contractors, engineers, management firms, box stores, etc.   The brochure’s copy discusses the benefits of constructing roads with sustainable materials — reclaimed asphalt pavement and warm-mix asphalt — Palmer’s safety culture and employee training, and their dedication to building high-quality projects regardless of size.  The inserts discuss their project management record, materials selection and the Diamond Program, and lists the company’s officers, affiliations, and contact information.  “We knew that our customers’ expectations differ depending on the type of project we’re doing, and being able to insert different information to meet those needs was critical to making sure the piece remained current and pertinent,” said Palmer Paving Corp. President, Janet Callahan.


Printed with an emphasis on clearly and succinctly conveying the priorities of Palmer Paving Corp. this award-winning brochure will remind the firm’s clients of PCC’s longstanding role in the community.