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NCAT Lab & Test Track Tour


Get a day-long, behind-the-scenes tour of the nation's premiere asphalt pavements research facility — the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University. IMPACT Leadership Group Conference attendees will hear directly from researchers conducting cutting-edge investigations of innovations in materials and construction techniques both in the world-class NCAT lab and the NCAT Test Track, a one-of-a-kind accelerated loading facility. The 1.7-mile oval track allows experimental pavements to undergo a decade's worth of ESALs in just two years' time; each DOT- or industry-sponsored 200-foot section of the track is built to answer pressing questions about asphalt pavement performance. Attendees will also visit NCAT's Pavement Preservation Project sites, which test different preservation treatments under real-world traffic. This tour of NCAT is a unique opportunity to see innovation at work..