2013 Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award

The Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award is given to the highest-rated Quality in Construction - Airport Pavement .  The award is named after Ray Brown, who was the Director of the National Center for Asphalt Technology from 1991 until his retirement in 2007.  Under his leadership, NCAT became the preeminent organization for asphalt pavement research. 



The Lane Construction Corp.

Roanoke, Texas



The Lane Construction Corp. of Roanoke, Texas, has won the 2013 Ray E. Brown Airport Pavement Award for excellence in the construction for an asphalt airport pavement, for its work at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth in Texas. The project involved milling and leveling 6,800 linear feet of main runway, shoulders, and taxiway and placing nearly 24,000 tons of asphalt pavement mix within a tight, 21-day schedule. The project became more complicated when milling revealed old paving fabric, and additional spots of full-depth milling and repair became necessary before the original paving plan could continue.


“By the time repairs were completed, we had 14 days left to complete the project,” said John Rauer, Senior Plant Manager for The Lane Construction Corp. “We met the challenge by using a paver pulling 25-foot-wide passes. We also opted to expedite the project by working additional hours with an additional paving crew.”


Lane was further challenged when it was time to cut the edges of the new asphalt mat to meet the contract’s required 95 percent joint densities. “We used a cutting wheel and attached it to a double-drum steel-wheel finish roller to vertically cut a clean edge to join the adjacent mat. This operation resulted in clean, straight joints that passed density requirements,” Rauer said.


The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base was pleased that Lane was able to meet its exacting specifications. “Due to Lane’s project supervision, asphalt activities and operations were streamlined, which resulted in a smooth, high-quality airfield runway that met contract specifications and the contract completion date,” stated Naval Air Base Engineering Technician Tiffaney Abbatello.